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5 Benefits of Modular Systems

5 Benefits of Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular systems are one of the best assets for brands and businesses working in and around the exhibition industry. Flexible, customisable, adaptable and cost-effective, modular systems can be used to create an infinite array of temporary structures that offer all the functionalities needed to ensure they deliver right when it matters most.

But, what are the main benefits of modular exhibition stands? Using our own insights as well as those of our partners in the events industry, we’ve rounded up the top five reasons to build your next exhibition or tradeshow stand using a modular system.

1. Quick and easy to build.

Anyone familiar with the exhibition industry will know that it is one characterised by strict deadlines and difficult working conditions. This means it’s absolutely crucial that exhibition stands can be built both quickly and easily to ensure that they are fully assembled by the time that the exhibition hall opens its doors to visitors.

Modular systems like Mod-U-Lok provide the most user-friendly, hassle-free way of building exhibition stands. Needing no specialist tools or training, Mod-U-Lok stands can be assembled and disassembled well within the tight timescales that are set by an exhibition’s organisers, enabling brands to work on filling their display space with products, information and digital enhancements.

Don’t just take our word for it, though…to prove just how user-friendly the Mod-U-Lok system is, we’ve produced a timelapse showing our team using it to build a multi-purpose exhibition stand from start to finish!

2. Endless scope for reconfiguration.

Modular exhibition stands can be broken down into their constituent parts and then re-built in different configurations to create entirely new structures to meet the needs of different clients or events.

Example of a modular exhibition stand created by Unibox for Hope Technology.

This means that modular exhibition stands, such as those built with systems like Mod-U-Lok, offer both end-users and designers unbeatable levels of flexibility when compared with those built using far more limiting materials like timber that, once glued together, cannot be reused at another event.

3. Compatibility with other systems.

Well-engineered modular systems are designed to be compatible with a range of other similar systems to extend the flexibility and functionality of exhibition stands even further.

Mod-U-Lok operates with the same 64mm connection grid that is used by other popular modular systems, including Unibox System, making it possible for users to create an even bigger range of structures without having to invest heavily in new equipment.

Mod-U-Lok frames are compatible with a wide range of other modular systems.

4. A cost-effective solution.

Modular exhibition stands can be broken down into their constituent parts and reused time and time again at different events and by different clients. This means they offer an incredible return on investment when compared with single-use alternatives.

Image courtesy of Whiteroom.

Additionally, exhibition stands are inexpensive to repair and update because users can replace individual components instead of having to invest in an entirely new system of parts. And, with fabric graphics also being a cost-effective visual communication tool, modular exhibition stands can be transformed to display brand-specific colour schemes, logos, messages and product information, all without breaking the bank.

5. Easy to store and transport.

Transporting pre-built structures between events is logistically difficult, expensive and environmentally unfriendly. When structures are built using modular systems, they can be dismantled at the end of an exhibition before being packed into smaller vehicles or storage facilities.

Mod-U-Lok can be used to create an incredibly wide range of small, medium-sized and large exhibition stands, all of which can be disassembled by the event’s contracted installation teams before being transported to another location for use at a different event.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from using modular systems when designing and building exhibition stands, speak to our team using the contact details below.

The full Mod-U-Lok range and product guide can be accessed on the Mod-U-Lok website here.