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Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

The world of exhibitions and events is about as competitive and fast-paced as they come. Brands, suppliers and organisers are constantly up against tight deadlines, difficult working conditions and strict safety regulations…so it’s not surprising that prioritising the design of exhibition stands sometimes falls by the wayside.

But, if making an impact on attendees is the objective, then having a stand with an exciting, attention-grabbing design is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most effective exhibition stand design ideas we’ve seen and then thinking about how exhibitors can go about incorporating these into their next stand.


When exhibiting at The London Marathon, Adidas wanted to create a showstopping brand experience space that would serve as a hub for athletes as well as a platform from which Adidas could promote its latest products.

Adidas approached Unibox with a clear idea of what it wanted to achieve for its stand, the main feature of which was a 30-metre wave of bubbles that would be suspended directly above the main exhibition space to represent the brand’s celebrated boost technology. This would be complemented by eye-catching graphic displays and exclusive experiences to entice the event’s attendees over to the stand in order to learn more.

Adidas boosts engagement at the London Marathon

Once installed, the end result definitely succeeded in making an impact on the Marathon’s participants and supporters. Adidas was able to interact with thousands of its existing customers whilst generating brand awareness among new target markets.


Outdoor clothing and footwear brand, Merrell, really hit the nail on the head with the design of its exhibition stand. The natural materials and organic tones used in the construction of the exhibition stand reflected the brand’s wild, rugged identity and appealed to the sense of adventure shared by its key customer base.

Merrell goes back to its roots with natural materials and tones

This is a great example of how, in both form and function, the design of an exhibition stand needs to reflect the brand or business that is using it. Continuity between a brand’s overall identity and the way in which it portrays itself at an event is crucial if it is going to resonate with attendees.


Used at CES, one of the biggest exhibitions in Las Vegas, Fasetto’s stand is a great example of how lighting has a huge part to play in the design of exhibition spaces. Fasetto used a number of different illuminated elements to maximise the visibility of its stand in a busy exhibition hall and draw attention to key areas of the stand itself, such as Link – the main product being launched at the event.

Backlit signage and illuminated letters are a fantastic way of making an impact and increasing the wow factor of an exhibition stand. They can be created in custom shapes and colours to reinforce brand awareness and are proven to be considerably more eye-catching than non-illuminated alternatives.

Fasetto’s stand at CES made great use of LED lighting // Image source


Nintendo made a huge impact with the design of its exhibition stand, using towering archways engineered by Unibox that were fitted with integrated LED lighting to ensure that it was visible from all areas within the exhibition hall. These archways also served as display columns onto which interactive product testing stations were mounted and acted as a frame for the customer service desk located at the rear of the stand.

Nintendo also gave careful consideration to the UX and UI of its stand, providing attendees with seating areas where they could take a break from the hustle and bustle of the exhibition. Suruptitioulsy, this had the effect of increasing dwell time on the stand which enabled Nintendo’s representatives to facilitate altogether more meaningful, more memorable interactions with their target customers.

Nintendo understood the importance of UX and UI

Tangle Teezer

At the Salon International exhibition, Tangle Teezer was the star attraction with the multi-functional, experience-led design of its stand. The large display space included a performance stage where Tangle Teezer’s representative could hold seminars and product demonstrations for the exhibition’s attendees. This established Tangle Teezer as an authority amongst its competitors and made it easy for the brand to maximise dwell time on its stand.

Tangle Teezer stood out with its multi-functional brand experience space

Unibox worked alongside Wolf & White to engineer a series of custom elements for this stand. A large-format TFS banner complete with custom graphics was suspended high above the main exhibition space to ensure that the stand was visible throughout the exhibition hall. This was complemented by eye-catching illuminated graphics displaying key messages and information to passers-by.


Exhibitors and exhibition stand designers need to work in conjunction with one another to ensure that brands are able to present themselves effectively in front of their target markets. At Unibox, our teams have over 30 years of experience in creating a wide range of standard, customised and bespoke exhibition systems that are engineered to meet the needs of our clients.

To learn more about our solutions, services or insights, speak with our team by contacting us here.