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How Can Signage Help Store Layout and Customer Flow?

How Retail Signage Improves Wayfinding and Customer Flow

Signage is one of the most important aspects of retail environments. It is found everywhere in stores of all types and ensures that brands are instantly visible to their target markets and able to present their product ranges in eye-catching yet accessible ways.

Within retail, signs can be used for a wide range of different purposes and to support a number of different objectives. From wayfinding signs to promotional displays, it’s crucial for brands to consider what their signs say and how they look if they are to be effective. So, whilst there are a number of different styles of signage used in retail environments, the main objectives of them all are to enhance customer experiences and generate sales.

Types of Retail Signage 

Illuminated Signage 

Illuminated signs are proven to be one of the most effective forms of retail signage as they instantly stand out and catch the attention of consumers. But, it is important for retailers to think carefully about how they want their shoppers to feel whilst in their store because lighting has a direct effect on consumer psychology. 

Lighting has a massive impact on how customers think and act when shopping. It can be the factor that decides how appealing people find the products on display and whether or not they choose to make a purchase.

Here’s what we know about the psychological impact of light on shoppers:

  1. Warm-toned lighting creates feelings of safety and familiarity.
  2. Cool-toned lighting creates a sense of space and precision.
  3. Bright lighting triggers higher levels of engagement and is assoicated with function-orientated environments.
  4. Dim lighting is associated with intimate, high-end environments.
  5. Accent lighting can be used to attract shoppers to specific areas of interest such as product promotions, launches, in-store experiences and checkouts.
Different colour temperatures of LEDs – Image source: Lighting Design Studio

Within retail spaces, it’s important to have a mixture of both warm, bright and cool-toned lighting as well as animated displays to create a visually exciting environment that aligns with a brand’s identity and enables them to display their products as effectively as possible.

Graphic displays such as LED light boxes are used in stores to display seasonal promotions and product ranges. Lightboxes can be used within product sections to show illuminated graphics of seasonal products currently on sale. The graphics that lightboxes display can also be changed, making them great for retail environments where seasonal and promotional changes happen often. 

LED lightbox archway with illuminated department signage used in River Island store.

Neon-effect displays such as Neonist signs are used to identify sections of stores and product ranges. The bright colours used within neon signs make them great for directional signage and bring a burst of fun, retro energy into retail spaces.

Other forms of illuminated wayfinding signage include our Kontour and Neon Flex signs. With integrated LED technologies, these are engineered to serve as eye-catching displays that offer retailers incredible scope for customisation to suit brand-specific colour schemes and replicate intricate logos.

Neon-effect signage in a the café area of the Finsbury Business Centre

Dynamic Signage

Human eyes are built to be stimulated by movement, as it enabled our ancestors to react quickly to any predators or threats that might be nearby.

Dynamic signs or video screens are an excellent way of taking advantage of this. They use animated graphics to instantly grab the attention of people as they move through a store and keep them focused on a particular product promotion whilst watching the animated content.

LED lightboxes can be engineered to provide a user-friendly, cost-effective alternative to expensive LCD screens. Fabric graphics can be augmented with Kinetik technology to create high-impact illuminated displays that replicate the effect of videos or GIFs.

Kinetik lightboxes are a flexible, cost-effective alternative to video screens.

For more inspiration and advice on how to create retail signage that enhances the look and feel of your store, browse our full range of LED signage solutions or contact us to find out how to implement effective signage within your store.