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Backlit Signage in Retail Design

Primark Gran Via store lightboxes

Backlit Signage in Retail Design

Signage is an essential part of making your business identifiable to existing and potential customers. High-quality designs that capture your company’s brand, logo or message can increase foot traffic and sales. Illuminated signs are designed to stand out and work around the clock to raise awareness of your business and its identity whether day or night.

Backlit signs make it possible to connect with customers in a number of different ways. Available in a range of types and formats, different backlit signs all promote different feelings, so it’s important that the style works well with a store’s message and layout.

Backlit LED Lightboxes

Backlit LED lightboxes consist of a frame, a lighting panel and a tension fabric graphic. The fabric graphic is held in place by the frame and illuminated by the lighting panel encased within. Our LED lightboxes are designed to create ambience whilst also making an impact. We manufacture our light boxes in a range of styles including edge-lit, side-lit and backlit, all of which are available with a range of different LED options and material finishes.

Backlit letters and logos

Backlit letters consist of LED modules that are encased in or integrated into lettering channels to illuminate the letters and create a halo lighting effect. Kontour is our attention-grabbing signage solution. Made using our in-house laser etching machine and laser cutters, Kontour can be finished in a variety of finishes with different LED options available. The lighting is housed inside the base panel and covered by a fascia panel, which fits over the acrylic lettering to focus the light and illuminate the letters.

Illuminated area signage in Glasswells’ store

Neon-effect LED signs

Neon style signs help to make your logo stand out night or day with iconic retro aesthetics and eye-catching colours. Neonist is our LED illuminated alternative to neon. Constructed using solid 30mm acrylic lettering with LEDs embedded within, Neonist creates the effect of traditional neon but without the fragility, installation requirements and dangers.

What illuminated signage is right for your retail space?

LED lightboxes work well within a fast-paced retail environment. They can be used on ceilings and walls to attract attention and are ideal for promotions and limited edition campaigns. The removable fabric graphic can be redesigned in line with seasonal changes without the need to replace the whole lightbox.

Backlit letters are ideal for integrating into existing displays or as a way of discreetly illuminating a logo. Kontour can be used within stores to act as eye-catching directional signage or as part of promotional displays. Kontour’s LED options allow for various illuminated colours and patterns, giving even more dimension to the text or graphic.

Neonist displays have all the benefits of neon in terms of style and impact, but with the energy-efficient properties of LED lighting. Neonist signs are integrated into specific displays within retail spaces to attract attention and advertise.

For advice on how to implement effective backlit signage within your store, contact our team here.