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What Makes a Good Exhibition Stand?

What Makes a Good Exhibition Stand?

There are a number of different things that exhibitors and exhibition stand designers need to consider when creating exhibition stands that are equipped to perform as required when the exhibition hall doors open.

Things like the overall concept, lighting, product displays, offers and events, lead-capturing processes and more all need to be factored into the design of an exhibition stand if it going to capture the attention of attendees and create meaningful conversations between a brand and its target audiences.

At Unibox, we have over 30 years of hands-on experience in creating exhibition stands for a wide range of clients and trade users. Our teams work alongside global brands, design agencies and exhibition organisers to create show-stopping stands that are optimised to perform according to client-specific objectives.

Want to learn how to ensure your next exhibition stand ticks all the boxes? Read on through this blog post where we cover some essential tips for how to design successful exhibition stands.

1. Clear concept briefs

Always brief your team. Never let anyone turn up to your stand without knowing why they’re there and what key points you want to get across at that particular event.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but a few key points about your company and the products you’re displaying and services you’re selling go a long way.

2. Overall targets

It’s crucial to set clear, measurable targets. How will you know if it’s been a success otherwise?

These targets can be anything from the number of visitors to the stand, leads scanned, orders processed – just have something to measure against, or you’ll struggle to convince those with the purse strings that it was all worth it.

3. Lead capturing and follow-ups

Follow up with those who’ve been kind enough to let you scan them or hand over their business card or query. If they ask for information, send it as soon as you possibly can.

The biggest mistake exhibitors make is not realising the gold dust they return home with and leaving leads to go cold, or losing them in transit from the exhibition back to the office.

4. Engagement techniques

Think outside the box. Visitors can be wary of stopping at exhibition stands for fear of being stuck with a salesperson who won’t let them escape, or get a word in edgeways.

Listen before you speak! Let visitors choose to engage with your brand by offering enticing experiences such as games, seating areas, food & drink or a space in which visitors can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall.

5. People

The people you choose to represent you on your stand are everything. Choose them wisely. People that know the business inside-out and can naturally engage visitors are a necessity.

It might be a good idea to have different teams of people that can rotate throughout the day so that everyone has a chance to relax and recharge. This will ensure that your representatives are always on top form when working on the stand and can promote your brand as effectively as possible.

6. Promotions and exclusive offers

Everyone loves a good giveaway. Most end up in the bottom of the exhibition hall bin or with the children of visitors. Give them something they’ll want to keep and use time and time again. Something they can keep on their desks or that they’ll just find useful. Think about your visitor profiles and what they like – and if you’re seeing someone special that’s been prearranged, personalise it. Going the extra mile makes a huge impact.
If you would like help designing and manufacturing your next exhibition stand, contact our team here.