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Ceiling Lightboxes

Ceiling lightboxes represent the future of lighting design. They are a highly-effective way of creating a contemporary, premium aesthetic whilst upholding environmental responsibilities and satisfying functional requirements. 

Our ceiling lightboxes are readily customisable and deliver homogenous, low-glare illumination using sustainable technologies. We have the manufacturing capabilities, production capacity and industry experience to enable our team to engineer lighting solutions that perform according to the individual needs of our clients – aesthetic, functional, commercial and logistical. 

Together, our teams have worked alongside leading architectural practices to deliver ceiling lightbox solutions that are used to great effect inside the UK’s most iconic buildings.

Interested in our Ceiling Lightboxes? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]

Lux Plane is a ceiling-mounted lightbox that has been engineered to meet the performance specification required by architectural lighting installations. It delivers homogenous, glare-free illumination from energy-efficient LEDs, all of which sit in a carefully calculated configuration behind fire retardant fabric diffusers. Lux Plane is supplied with photometric data files detailing the intensity, efficiency and distribution of the light emitted. 

The Ledge 100 lightbox is optimised to perform as a ceiling-mounted fixture in environments of all types. A sleek, 100mm-deep aluminium frame houses a series of energy-efficient LEDs that can be specified in a range of colour temperatures, brightness levels, intensities and control systems to deliver flawless illumination.