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Interior Lighting

Lighting is arguably the most important aspect of an interior environment. Without light, we are unable to perceive the colours, textures or objects within a space and struggle to interact effectively with other people. We understand that interior designers and architects recognise both the challenges and opportunities that this presents and we seek to support them by delivering well-engineered lighting systems that greatly enhance the atmosphere of interior spaces. 

At Unibox, we work collaboratively with designers to develop LED lighting solutions that allow them to create spaces that deliver visually and functionally. 

By integrating non-standard technologies with bespoke designs, we engineer unique solutions that transform the ways in which interiors are used and experienced. Our team has over 10 years of hands-on experience in supporting designers and architects to realise their creative visions, providing high-quality lighting solutions that are optimised to perform according to their individual needs. We have the skills, insights and resources needed to take on highly-complex projects and are well-versed in working to uphold commercial safety requirements, sustainability standards and budget constraints.

Interested in our interior lighting solutions? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]

Ceiling lightboxes provide designers and architects with a way of delivering homogenous, low-glare illumination into interior spaces of all types. Boasting a sleek, contemporary aesthetic and powered by cutting-edge technologies, ceiling lightboxes represent the future of interior lighting. In both form and function, they can be customised to perform according to your individual requirements and uphold every element of your creative vision.

The benefits of LED lightboxes are both wide-ranging and far-reaching. Offering endless scope for customisation, impressive environmental credentials, incredible versatility and much more, they are one of the most effective lighting technologies available. As the UK’s largest manufacturer of LED lightboxes, our technical capabilities, industry experience and production facilities enable us to take on projects of all types, sizes and complexities.

LED signage is used by brands and interior designers in all sectors to transform the look and feel of their spaces. Intricate logos, shapes, letters and messages can be brought to life using energy-efficient LED modules, ensuring that retail spaces, restaurants, bars, offices and more are all enjoyed to their fullest potentials.

LED lightbars are a user-friendly yet highly-effective way of illuminating a space. Optimised to deliver both ambient and task lighting, they are ideal for use in a wide range of environments. LED lightbars can be engineered to perform according to user-specific requirements and blend seamlessly with any interior design scheme.

The Unibox Light Panel is sub-assembly light engines that delivers flawless illumination from within a wide range of surfaces, materials and architectural recesses. Build using premium materials and advanced technologies, Light Panels provide designers with the quality, reliability and creative flexibility they need in order to transform ideas into reality.