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LED Display Lighting

Retail display lighting is vital for ensuring that customers are able to browse product ranges with ease. LED accent lights are a highly effective form of retail lighting as they draw attention directly to particular promotions and key merchandising areas.

At Unibox, we work alongside brands and store designers to develop lighting systems specifically for use in retail environments.

Having manufactured LED technologies for over 10 years, we have a wealth of experience in delivering sleek, energy-efficient solutions that are proven to increase footfall and boost in-store sales. Together, our teams offer specialist insights about how to engineer LED display lighting with the most appropriate colour temperature, lux level, control system and power-delivery method for individual applications.

Interested in our LED Display Lighting? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]

Lightbars provide a sleek, energy-efficient way of delivering LED illumination onto product displays and merchandising systems. They are available in a wide variety of lengths, depths, performance specifications and material finishes to ensure that they are optimised to showcase product ranges and supporting information as effectively as possible.

Kontakt is a cable-free shelving system with integrated illumination that exists to provide a user-friendly, ultra-effective way of creating product displays that are guaranteed to make an impact. LED luminaires switch on automatically when shelves are placed into position on supporting brackets, making for speedy, effortless installations.

The Flux range of LED lightboxes is ideal for use in retail environments, providing store designers with a way of creating high-impact graphic displays and product activations. Integrated LED modules illuminate rigid graphic panels to ensure that brand messages and in-store campaigns are unmissable.

LED light panels can be engineered to operate as illuminated retail display shelves and product display plinths. Built using robust materials and technologies, light panels make it easier than ever for store designers and visual merchandisers to create ultra-effective displays that are guaranteed to capture the attention of customers, even from a distance.


LED Signage Made in Manchester

The Kontour range of illuminated signage provides a sleek, attention-grabbing way of presenting brand messages, product information and logos. With powerful LED components integrated directly into laser-etched acrylic, Kontour signs remain highly visible even in the busiest of environments.