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Custom LED Signage

Illuminated signs are an invaluable asset for any business seeking to make a lasting impression on passers-by. Eye-catching and visually exciting, LED signage is a highly effective way of communicating a brand’s identity and strengthening its presence amongst competitors.

Our range of LED signs offers endless scope for customisation to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of different applications. We have a wealth of experience in creating LED signage solutions for everything from one-off installations to multinational roll-outs and work in close collaboration with designers to bring their ideas to life.

With decades of experience under its belt, our team has been appointed by some of the world’s most high-profile brands to design and manufacture illuminated signs that support their commercial goals and align with their environmental responsibilities. 

Interested in our LED Signage? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]

Our in-house automated letter bending machine allows the creation of letters, numbers and logos, using a selection of profile depths.  We can offer a range of LED options, from a fixed colour of white, to animated lighting effects.  Produced with a fast turnaround, the characters can be mounted directly to any solid substrate or mounted to a panel for easy installation.  The range of profile depths, colours and LEDs allow you to achieve your desired aesthetic.  This cost-effective 3D illuminated LED lettering provides an eye-catching way of creating visual impact.

The Kontour range of illuminated signage provides a sleek, attention-grabbing way of presenting brand messages, product information and logos. With powerful LED components integrated directly into laser-etched acrylic, Kontour signs remain highly visible even in the busiest of environments.

By using lasers to cut shapes, patterns and letters into the acrylic panels, we are able to replicate intricate logos with millimetre precision to create branded signage that delivers.

Neon signage attracts attention like nothing else. It is used to bring bursts of energy and retro charm into environments of all types, be it a bar, restaurant, nightclub, hotel, fitness centre, office or otherwise. Now, thanks to developments in LED technologies, its iconic aesthetic can be replicated in a way that is safe, affordable, durable and energy efficient. 

At Unibox, we offer a wide range of Neonist signs that can be customised to suit client-specific briefs and colour preferences. Our team of Electrical Engineers has collaborated with Interior and Lighting Designers on projects all over the world to create bespoke solutions that are guaranteed to make an impact.

Neon Flex

The ultra-flexible alternative to neon.

Neon Flex is engineered to provide brands and businesses with an accessible, affordable way of creating neon-effect illuminated signs that are guaranteed to make an impact. Malleable LED tape is housed inside flexible silicon moulds to recreate the distinctive, tube-like appearance of traditional neon signage.

Built using materials that are dust-tight and waterproof, Neon Flex is a highly-durable range of illuminated signage solutions that are easy to install and readily-customisable. It is ideal for use when recreating the organic, fluid style of handwritten typefaces and bringing a burst of colour and energy into interior environments of all types.

Lightboxes are one of the most effective, widely used forms of illuminated signage. They are ideal for creating custom displays that are engineered to meet project-specific requirements and can be updated to support seasonal promotions and product launches simply by replacing the printed graphics.

At Unibox, we manufacture LED lightboxes in a huge range of shapes, sizes and depths to create illuminated signs that are optimised to perform according to the needs of our clients. As the UK’s biggest provider of LED lightboxes, we have the production capacity, design skills and industry experience to supply illuminated signage solutions that deliver.