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LED Light Panels

Light Panels are sub-assembly LED light engines that deliver flawless illumination from within a range of different surfaces, materials and architectural recesses. They provide architects and interior designers with an accessible, ultra-effective way in which to transform the qualities of traditional materials and create visually-striking lighting installations in environments of all types.

Our Light Panels are built to be premium in both form and function, providing crisp, homogenous illumination using energy-efficient technologies and sustainable materials that align with the values of modern users.

In specifying a Unibox Light Panel for your next project, you are specifying quality guarantees, expert technical support and bespoke consultancy services; all from a trusted UK-based manufacturer with over 30 years of industry experience. 

Interested in our Light Panels? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]

Configure your Light Panel


Diffusers are required to ensure that the light emitted through the light guide plate is softened across the entire front face of the Light Panel. 

Light Guide Plate

Light guide plates are laser-engraved with a carefully calculated matrix of dots that capture and redirect the light emitted by the LEDs so that the Panel is illuminated homogenously.


High-quality LED modules are fixed directly onto the perimeter edge of the light guide plate.


Reflectors maximise the efficiency of Light Panels by redirecting all the available light to one face.

Transforming Materials


Light Panels are ideal for use in applications where materials or surfaces can be enhanced with integrated illumination. They exist to provide designers and architects with the opportunity to use one-dimensional materials in new and exciting ways. The translucent fluidity that is unique to the structure of materials like marble, agate, and onyx, can be transformed, becoming utterly sensational with LED Light Panels.



Powering Options

Light Panels can be engineered to operate with a range of powering methods to ensure that they perform as effectively as possible in different environments and applications. Our team is happy to advise on the most appropriate powering option for your individual requirements.

Plug-Top Drivers

One of the simplest ways of powering Light Panels, plug-top drivers are wired directly into the Panel itself allowing them to be operated simply by plugging in and switching on.

Jack Leads

Using small, slimline push-fit connections, jack leads allow Light Panels to be wired to power supplies even if cables need to be passed through narrow gaps or holes.

Splitter boxes

By splitting power between a number of separate cables, several Light Panels can be illuminated from a single output source. 

Industrial Drivers

For large-scale projects with multiple Light Panels used in series, industrial drivers are the best powering option as they have higher current ratings and fuse protection.