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Modular Systems

Modular systems provide a highly-flexible, readily-customisable way of building permanent or temporary structures for application of all types. 

They can be used to construct eye-catching exhibition stands, pop-up stores, branded display areas, furniture, workspaces, signage and much more. 

We have been developing our range of modular solutions for over 30 years, designing well over 100 unique aluminium profiles to ensure that we can engineer systems capable of delivering the functionality and creative flexibility our clients require. 

Our modular systems have been presented with multiple awards for their versatility and have been granted several patents for the originality of their design.

Interested in our Modular Systems? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]

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Mod-U-Lok is an ultra-flexible system of aluminium profiles, connectors and accessories, all of which are engineered to enable the creation of an endless array of modular spaces and structures. It provides a sustainable, affordable, readily-customisable solution that works in conjunction with a wide range of similar systems, making it easier than ever for businesses to make future-oriented investments.

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Lab-35 is a laboratory-inspired modular system that enables users to design and build visually-striking displays that are proven to make an impact. Lab-35 is engineered to be a multi-functional, reconfigurable, transportable and readily-customisable solution all of which are essential qualities for brands seeking to remain agile and relevant in the eyes of their customers.

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The original modular construction system, 

Unibox System provides a reliable, user-friendly way for business to create of a wide range of different structures. From product displays, exhibition stands, interior solutions and more, Unibox System can be configured to perform according to the functional, commercial and aesthetic needs of your business.