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Lab-35 is the modular display system inspired by the high-tech, precision-focused environments of science and development laboratories. In both form and function, it references the growing appetite for future-oriented designs that is shared by brands across the globe. Lab-35 uses sleek, satin-silver anodised aluminium profiles to provide designers with a toolkit of parts that can be used to create a wide range of flexible, on-trend merchandising displays that inject a sense of precision into retail environments of all types.

Interested in our Lab-35 system? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]

Single Post

Lab-35 is ideal for creating single-post wall bays that house a range of merchandising sections. The slots can be orientated to be forward-facing or rear-facing and specified with wall ties to suit your spatial and functional requirements.

Single Post Front Slot

Single Post Rear Slot

Double Post

Lab-35 can also be configured into double-post systems. These are ideally suited to creating wall-bay or mid-floor units that are able to accept a large number of merchandising accessories. This includes plinths, slim-line shelves, rear support brackets, LED lightboxes, illuminated signage, hanging arms, display cases and more.

Lab 35

Double Post 500mm Deep

Double Post 300mm Deep

Triple Post

Free-standing, mid-floor and hero units can be designed using the Lab-35 triple-post system. These can be supplied with adjustable levelling feet or castors to enable you to relocate displays within a store quickly and easily alongside new product launches, promotions and interior upgrades. 

Triple-post systems are an effective way of punctuating larger retail spaces with eye-catching product displays that can be viewed from 360 degrees. They can be used to great effect in both small and large stores, as products can be displayed on either side of a central dividing panel to maximise the amount of merchandising spaces available.

Triple-post units are available with the full range of accessories to extend the functionality of your displays and enhance their laboratory aesthetic.

Triple Post 1000mm Deep

Triple Post 1200mm Deep

Custom Builds

Being a modular system, Lab-35 offers you complete flexibility as standard. It can be configured to create an endless array of custom designs, all of which can be supplied in flat-pack format for ease of transportation or as pre-built units for speed of installation.

Mobile Trolleys

lab 35 trolley

Display Cases

lab 35 balls description

Hero Podiums

lab 35 fashion description