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Across the globe, retailers are under constant pressure to create store environments that meet the needs of their customers and set them apart from competitors. Everyone, be they a big-name brand or independent artisan, must design stores that are visually exciting, ultra-functional and able to generate sales.

Magnetik exists to support retailers as they work to overcome these challenges through providing an accessible, effective way of creating product displays that appear to be floating on the face of illuminated fabric graphics.

With Magnetik, standard shelving systems can be transformed into high-impact displays that can be customised, updated and reconfigured to evolve alongside your business.

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Captive Channel System

In Magnetik displays that are engineered to operate using single-sided and back-lit lightboxes, shelves are fixed magnetically onto aluminium profiles with specially-developed captive channels to prevent any obstructions to the light emitted by the LED components within the lightbox.

Compatible profile cross section

Ledge 65

65mm deep LED Lightbox, designed for high-powered, even graphic illumination, Ledge 65 is a single-sided LED Lightbox, designed to be wall-mounted, ceiling-hung, curved and freestanding (in larger sizes).

Ledge 100

100mm deep LED Lightbox, designed for wall mounted and ceiling mounted applications. Ledge 100 is a robust lightbox which allows you to incorporate large format illuminated facades whether utilised vertically or fixed horizontally from the ceiling and used as a light source.

Single Sided TFS

Single-sided tension fabric systems provide a versatile, user-friendly way of creating eye-catching displays that are wall-mounted for maximum visibility. Our range of single-sided TFS solutions is ideal for busy, high-traffic environments where displays need to be kept away from main walkways.

Double Sided TFS

Double-sided tension fabric systems are ideal for creating high-impact displays that can be viewed from both the front and the back. Double-sided TFS frames are engineered to accept cable brackets and support bars to ensure that, if desired, they can be securely suspended from ceilings.

Pole System

For applications where side-fire lightboxes are most effective, Magnetik shelves are fixed onto aluminium profiles that are riveted into the outer frame to avoid white spots appearing on the graphics in front.

Compatible profile cross section

Ledge 105

105mm deep LED Lightbox, utilising side-firing illumination enabling flatpack delivery and ‘Magnetik’ display integration. Ledge 105 is a freestanding, double sided LED Lightbox, capable of flat-pack delivery thanks to interior-mounted drivers and LEDs featuring custom optics for precise, even illumination.

FP 110

110mm deep flat-pack LED Lightbox that is engineered to operate as a freestanding display with double-sided illumination for maximum impact. FP 110 lightboxes can be assembled and disassembled with ease thanks to specially-developed aluminium profiles and connectors.

FP 105

105mm deep flat-pack LED Lightbox that is engineered to operate as a wall-mounted display to maximise visibility whilst preserving floorspace. FP 105 Lightboxes can be supplied with illuminated support posts to enable the creation of larger displays that can be disassembled for transportation and storage.

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