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Projects Gallery

Welcome to our Projects Gallery.

Here you’ll find images, renders, technical drawings, and videos of projects that we have completed for clients working in retail, lighting and events & exhibitions.

To learn more about a particular project or partnership, click through to the dedicated case study page or speak with a member of our team who will be able to walk you through you how we took it from concept to completion.

The Gilbert & One Lackington Lux Plane // WHITEROOM Studio Fit-Out // 70 St. Mary Axe Interior Lighting // Sofology Custom Merchandising // Tom Dixon Studio’s Coal Office Shelving // PureGym Kontour Signage // Hope Technology Exhibition Stand // Nike Illuminated Display Cubes // Fudges Cycle Store Retail Display // Clarks Kontakt Shelving // Kurt Geiger Kontakt Shelving // Mitsubishi Kinetik Lightboxes // Sporting Pro Magnetik Displays // Businesswise Kinetik Lightboxes // Fortnum & Mason Kontakt Shelving // Superdry Berlin Lightboxes // Active in Style Magnetik Displays // Asics Pop-Up Store // Asda Illuminated Signage // The Scalpel Staircase // Schuh 2020 Store Concept // Barclays Kontour Signage // Caffè Concerto Window Lightboxes // Gail’s Bakery Neonist // Mondrian Hotel Display Lighting

Bespoke Ceiling Lightboxes for The Gilbert & One Lackington

Location: London
Client: Stiff + Trevillion
Product: Lux Plane

Featuring lighting for Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace

Location: London
Client: Kevin Gill, One fine_day
Product: LED Signage, LED Lightbox

Location: London
Client: Stiff + Trevillion
Product: Lux Plane

WHITEROOM Studio fit-out with Lab-35

Location: Warwickshire
Product: Lab-35

Bespoke LED Lighting for 70 St. Mary Axe

Location: London
Client: Foggo Associates
Products: Light panels // Lux Plane // Ledge 100 lightboxes // Faber Lux

Custom merchandising for Sofology

Location: Hedge End
Client: Sofology
Products: LED Lightboxes // TFS // Kontour

Bespoke Illuminated Shelving for Tom Dixon Studio’s Coal Office

Location: London
Client: Tom Dixon Studio
Product: Light panels

PureGym Registration Kiosk Rollout

Location: UK-wide
Client: PureGym
Product: Kontour signage

Hope Technology Exhibition Stand

Location: UK
Client: Hope Technology Ltd
Products: Unibox System // TFS // Kontour signage

Illuminated Display Cases for Nike’s Barcelona Flagship Store

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Client: Nike
Products: Glass cabinets // Light panels

Retail display and visual communication equipment for Fudges Cycle Store

Location: London, UK
Client: Fudges Cycle Store
Products: Lightbars // Light panels // Lightboxes

Bespoke Product Displays for Clarks’ Russell Square Showroom

Location: London, UK
Client: Clarks
Products: Kontakt shelving // Ledge 65 lightboxes // Graphic displays

Kurt Geiger Illuminated Product Display Roll-Out

Location: Various locations within the UK
Client: Kurt Geiger
Products: Kontakt shelving // Light panels

Kinetik Lightboxes for Mitsubishi’s intu Lakeside Showroom

Location: Essex, UK
Client: Dalziel & Pow
Product: Kinetik RGB lightboxes

LED Lightboxes with Magnetik Shelving for Sporting Pro

Location: Leeds, UK
Client: Sporting Pro
Product: Ledge 65 lightboxes // Magnetik shelving

Dynamic ‘Skylight’ Ceiling Lightboxes for Businesswise Solutions

Location: Greater Manchester, UK
Client: Cornershop Design
Product: Kinetik RGB lightboxes

Bespoke Illuminated Shelving for Fortnum & Mason

Location: The Royal Exchange, London
Clients: Universal Design Studio // Spiers & Major // Du Boulay Contracts
Product: Kontakt shelving

LED Lightboxes for Superdry’s Berlin Flagship Store

Location: Berlin, Germany
Client: Superdry
Products: Ledge 65 lightboxes // LED signage

Illuminated Displays for Active in Style’s Concept Store

Location: UK
Client: Active in Style
Products: Ledge 65 lightboxes // Magnetik shelving // Graphic displays

Asics Pop-Up Retail Space

Location: Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre, UK
Client: Asics
Products: Unibox System // Tension Fabric Systems

Illuminated Graphic Displays for Asda George

Location: UK-wide
Client: Asda
Products: TFS hanging banners // LED lightboxes // LED signage

Bespoke Illuminated Staircase at The Scalpel

Location: London, UK
Client: Parkeray
Product: Ledge 100 lightboxes

Schuh TwentyTwenty Store Concept

Location: UK-wide
Clients: Briggs Hillier Design // Schuh
Product: Bespoke LED lighting system

Barclays Account Registration Kiosks

Location: UK-wide
Client: Barclays
Products: Kontour signage

Window Lightboxes for Caffè Concerto

Location: London, UK
Client: Tekne Shopfitting
Product: Ledge 65 lightboxes

Neonist Signage for Gail’s Bakery

Location: London, UK
Client: Holland Harvey Architects
Product: Neonist signage

Mondrian Hotel Display Lighting

Location: London, UK
Client: Tom Dixon Studio
Product: LED lightbars