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70 St. Mary Axe Lift Car Lighting

70 St. Mary Axe Lift Car Lighting

Unibox partners with Foggo Associates to create bespoke LED lighting for the elevator system of 70 St. Mary Axe.

Working within the non-negotiable dimensions detailed in our client’s architectural plans of the lift shafts, we advised that the most effective result could be achieved by using a series of our Ledge 46 lightboxes. Our team engineered a bespoke LED tape that used 4000K diodes to ensure that the colour temperature of the light inside the lift cars would match that of the lighting elements already chosen for the building’s reception area and lift lobbies.

For the lift cars themselves, an even shallower solution was required. We created a new product, especially for this application – a ceiling LED lightbox measuring just 40mm in depth, engineered to operate using 4000K diodes. These were built using ultra-efficient, fire-retardant diffusers so that Foggo Associates would be able to satisfy each element of the B-S1-D0 standard.

70 St. Mary Axe Lift Lighting

Unibox worked patiently with us, helping to solve innumerable technical and logistical challenges before going the extra mile to ensure that every installation detail was properly considered. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Rogelio Escargara, Architect at Foggo Associates