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70 St. Mary Axe Lift Lobby Lightboxes

70 St. Mary Axe Lift Lobby Lightboxes

Rising high above the noise of the City of London, 70 St. Mary Axe sits proudly as the newest addition to the ever-growing collection of landmark buildings that make up the capital’s iconic skyline. This 24 storey, 41,515m² development comes from one of the UK’s most notable architectural practices – Foggo Associates – and provides efficient, flexible office spaces to the businesses that are shaping the future of global commerce. Having such a distinctive, striking exterior, Foggo Associates felt certain that, when it came to designing the interior of 70 St. Mary Axe, every detail needed to be just as impressive.

As a part of this effort, the design of the main entrance and lift lobbies were of particular importance. These areas would be used multiple times a day by the majority of the building’s tenants and visitors, meaning it was crucial for them to make a lasting impression through the installation of carefully crafted decorative features.

Knowing that off-the-shelf products weren’t suitable, Foggo Associates asked Unibox for help to develop a custom solutions. Immediately, our Designers, Product Developers and LED Engineers began working together to create a number of products which would incorporate all of the features specified in our client’s brief.

Lift Lobby Lightboxes

To uphold every aspect of our client’s design intent, we created a bespoke solution. By modifying the technology that powers our Ledge100 lightboxes, our team of Product Developers made it possible for them to serve as the sole light sources for all of the building’s lift lobbies. Each lightbox would deliver consistent, homogenous illumination at the required Lux level of 200 whilst being suspended 2.7 metres above floor level.

In order to bring our client’s original brief to life, we proposed a ceiling installation that would comprise of 154 LED lightboxes, each measuring 1600mm by 2700mm. Once manufactured, we mounted all of these in groupings of 6 or 10 to create a visually striking grid of light on each floor of the building.

Whilst aesthetics were important, this wasn’t our sole priority. In addition to upholding each element of the design brief provided by Foggo Associates, we took great care to ensure that our solution was engineered to be practical for use within a commercial development. To this end, we incorporated access hatches that would allow routine maintenance to be carried out on the M&E works that are located behind each lightbox.

Oval Lightboxes

For the most publicly visible areas of 70 St. Mary Axe – it’s main entrances – we designed, developed, manufactured and installed a series of bespoke, oval-shaped lightboxes that would inspire and amaze passers-by. After working in close partnership with Foggo Associates to distil each element of their design brief, they felt confident that our team had both the technical capabilities and creative flair needed to develop a product that would perform exactly as required.

Sitting proudly at a height of 6m above the floor, the lightboxes we created are unlike any others on the market. Measuring 3 metres by 4 metres, they are engineered using 90CRI LEDS to consistently achieve a Lux level of 200 and deliver crisp, energising illumination at 4000K to both entrance areas.


With design and manufacturing capabilities aplenty, our teams developed bespoke lighting solutions for the foyer areas of 70 St. Mary Axe which succeed in captivating the imagination of tenants, visitors and passers-by.

Now fully installed, the lightboxes in both the lift lobby areas and main entrances blend seamlessly with the development’s sleek architecture. Moreover, by working to devise a way of incorporating features such as emergency lighting and access hatches directly into the lightboxes themselves, we were able to prevent Foggo Associates from being forced into making any compromises to the overall aesthetic of the building’s interior.

“We had a long search before finding a company that could create the bespoke lighting envisaged for 70 St Mary Axe. Unibox, with their vast experience using LED lighting and custom metal extrusions, proved to be the perfect partner for the project. Their entire team worked patiently with us, helping to solve innumerable technical and logistical challenges. Unibox were also instrumental in seeing the project through the construction phase and were able to go the extra mile to ensure that every installation detail was properly considered- no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. The results have exceeded everyone’s expectations and we look forward to any opportunity for collaborating with Nick Wraith and his team on future projects.” – Foggo Associates