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70 St. Mary Axe Lift Lobby Lightboxes

70 St. Mary Axe Lift Lobby Lightboxes

Unibox works alongside Foggo Associates to design, manufacture and install bespoke LED lighting for 70 St. Mary Axe.

By modifying the technologies that power our Ledge 100 lightboxes, our team made it possible for them to serve as the sole light sources for all of the building’s lift lobbies. Each lightbox would deliver consistent, homogenous illumination at the required Lux level of 200 whilst being suspended 2.7 metres above floor level.

We engineered a ceiling installation comprising of 154 lightboxes, each measuring 1600mm by 2700mm. Once manufactured, we mounted all of these in groups of 6 or 10 to create a visually striking grid of light on each floor.

Additionally, for the building’s main entrance area, we developed a series of striking oval-shaped lightboxes. With a surface area of over 12 metres, these used powerful LEDs to ensure they would be unmissable to passers-by.

The results have exceeded everyone’s expectations and we look forward to any opportunity for collaborating with the Unibox team on future projects.” 

Rogelio Escargara, Architect at Foggo Associates