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Arla Pro Modular Exhibition Stand

Arla Pro Modular Exhibition Stand

Harrison Signs is a family operation that has been producing signage solutions for clients across the UK since 1909. Alongside their years of experience, they utilise a combination of traditional and modern methods to take projects from concept through to completion.

After being commissioned by Arla Pro to develop their branded display space for an upcoming trade show, the Yorkshire-based creative agency, HC Design, approached Harrison Signs for support to manufacture their concept. HC Design provided clear, detailed drawings of what they wanted to achieve – a visually striking stand with the functionality needed to enable Arla Pro to meet with large numbers of visitors at London’s Casual Dining and build meaningful relationships with future partners.

It was at this point that the team at Harrison Signs knew they needed to enlist the help of Unibox. Having worked together on a variety of previous projects, they felt confident that we had the knowledge and capabilities required to create a solution that ticked all the boxes.

Design & Manufacture

In initial visuals, HC Design had specified that basis of the exhibition stand would be an industrial, almost scaffolding-like metal frame. Luckily, with more than 30 years of experience in working with extruded aluminium profiles to design and manufacture modular structures of all shapes and sizes, our team knew exactly how to build this stand according to the client’s precise specifications.

Our Design Engineers used a selection of our aluminium profiles – all 100+ of which are designed by us in-house to meet project-specific requirements – to create the main framework of the stand just as HC Design had envisioned.

Built-In Benefits

Lightweight yet durable – despite its strength, aluminium weighs considerably less than other materials. This means that aluminium-based structures are easy to build, disassemble and transport. Adding to this, the time needed for on-site assembly and deconstruction of modular stands is reduced significantly as each section can be connected together with minimal tooling.

Eco-friendly – as a resource, aluminium is widely recycled. In fact, over 75% of the raw aluminium ever to have been produced is still in circulation today! This ensures that such stands have impressively low carbon footprints which, as we all know, is fast becoming a non-negotiable feature for exhibitors and exhibition-goers alike.

Cost-effective – aside from being cheap to deliver and transport, modular exhibition stands can be rebuilt time and time again for a wide array of different clients and environments. This flexibility means that, after investing in the components used to form the core structure of a stand, it can be repurposed simply by installing new graphics or decorative features.


The imposing, unusual aluminium framework that formed the basis of this stand ensured that Arla Pro made a lasting impression on visitors in attendance at the show. The incorporation of natural elements – rustic wood panelling and lush plants – softened the overall aesthetic of the stand and encouraged relaxed, organic interactions between the Arla Pro team and their clients.

Together, all of these elements created an effect which wowed the organisers of Casual Dining…so much so that they chose Arla Pro’s display space as the overall winner of the highly-coveted ‘Stand of the Show’ award!

At Unibox, we take great pride in having supported Harrison Signs to uphold each aspect of HC Design’s brief and we are thrilled to have enabled Arla Pro to generate such a buzz amongst the thousands of delegates and competitors in attendance at the exhibition.