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Debenhams Oxford St Window Display Lightboxes

Debenhams Oxford St Window Display Lightboxes

Debenhams’ iconic Oxford Street store spans seven floors, with over 360,000 sq ft of retail space. 

With current featured retailer promotions changing more than 10 times per year, Debenhams were looking to introduce a 20m wide window display that could be easily reconfigured whilst retaining the high quality finish their brand dictates. 

We worked with the Debenhams design team to create a dynamic display solution bespoke to their requirements, utilising patented Kinetik technology with an integrated Magnetik display, combined with display methods completely unique to Debenhams.

Learn more about Kinetik, and see its animation in action

Technical Design

Working directly with the Debenhams design team, we took their initial concept and guided them in terms of the manufacturing process, resulting in a quicker, more effective design process.

Following input from an engineering perspective, our technical design team developed working drawings that highlighted how each component would work. This was particularly important as many elements of this display had never been made before, including the integration of Magnetik into our patented Kinetik lightbox, and amalgamating a custom track system within the framework of Kinetik. 

Each moveable Kinetik Lightbox was also mounted on top of a custom gloss white laminated plinth, with integrated LED lighting.

Custom Lightbox Design

Debenhams design team required the largest Kinetik lightbox we have ever made, spanning the full 20 metres of their Oxford Street window. As experienced manufacturers of LED Lightboxes, creating a lightbox of that size was simple, however our lighting division had the challenge of configuring over 450 dynamic LED modules, ensuring they were sequenced correctly for the animation to work. 

Not only did we create our largest-ever Kinetik lightbox, we were also tasked with creating a track system that allowed a Kinetik Lightbox to move the full length of the window display, moving in accordance with the visual merchandising for each brand campaign.

Our solution incorporated Debenhams’ vision of industrial-style castors, that glide along an aluminium profile channel, positioned behind each promotion.

Debenhams Oxford Street

Debenhams were hugely impressed by the flexibility of the patented Kinetik / Magnetik system, which will both reduce VM spend over the next 2 to 3 years, and provide a display fitting for such an iconic store.

Considering the amount of work that went into this project, from design and consultation, to manufacture and installation, we turned it round in an incredibly short space of time.  Five weeks to be exact – which goes to show how skilled our in-house design team and on-site manufacturing team are.

We look forward to working with the Debenhams team on projects in the near future.

Learn more about Kinetik, and see its animation in action