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Dunelm Decorative Lightboxes

Dunelm Decorative Lightboxes

Dunelm introduce creative applications of lightboxes and TFS to stores across the UK

Dunelm are the UK’s no.1 homewares retailers, with a focus on style, quality, value. We share the same beliefs, which made for an ideal collaboration in Dunelm’s new store format.

After an incredibly successful experience working with ASDA’s Head of Proposition, Store Design, Development and Visual, when he took the helm as Dunelm’s Head of Instore Experience, it was an opportunity to apply a creative touch to in-store graphic displays.

Thanks to our in-house design experience, we helped create a stunning new environment whilst solving a few of the ‘headaches’ experienced within the current format.

Bringing the outdoors, indoors

Dunelm’s products are used in the home, which is a far cry from the huge stores they’re placed in. To improve customer experience in-store, we developed a solution that brought the outdoors, indoors.

A custom LED Lightbox, with a colour temperature that mimicked daylight, was the ideal solution for creating room sets. Fixed to the wall and sat behind curtains, the lightboxes provided a glimpse of the outdoors throughout the store.

Custom Design

We installed a ceiling-mounted LED Lightbox within the mattress section of the store. At the time of this project – towards the beginning of 2017, this was a new concept in retail and the replaceable fabric graphic provided added visual appeal.

Our technical experts were really put to the test when it came to replacing a steel structure used to display banner graphics, which was a challenge for the VM team due to its weight. Instead, our team set to work creating an alternative that was infinitely more flexible and importantly, easy to move using lightweight aluminium profiles and fabric graphics.

The Unibox technical team also worked on a custom variation of our Neonist signage, that featured an illuminated white outer section, with a green infill – all designed to draw attention to lift spaces and store directory.

The Result

During the Dunelm project we brought the outside in with daylight temperature suspended ceiling-lightboxes, and scenic window replica lightboxes.

We also designed some bespoke Neonist LED signage, and custom shaped tension fabric frame structures