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Dunelm Decorative Lightboxes

Dunelm Decorative Lightboxes

Dunelm appoints Unibox to design and manufacture a range of decorative LED lightboxes for its UK stores.

Our team worked to create a series of custom LED lightboxes that, when installed in Dunelm’s stores across the UK, would replicate the appearance of windows and skylights. The objective behind this design brief was to boost sales by making it easier for customers to imagine Dunelm’s range of home furnishings inside their own homes.

We engineered ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted LED lightboxes to operate using LEDs that matched the colour temperature of natural sunlight. Some of the fabric-faced lightboxes featured graphics of fluffy feathers whilst others showed images of gardens and countryside scenes.

Thanks to the materials and manufacturing processes used, each of these lightboxes could be updated whenever necessary to keep pace with changing interior design schemes, product promotions, and seasonal trends.