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Finsbury Business Centre Neonist on Moss

Finsbury Business Centre Neonist on Moss

Unibox & Innerspace Cheshire have been making a habit of working together recently, and it’s easy to see why. Unibox, whose unique LED derivative of neon is a testament to modern technical design, beautifully combines with Innerspace’s incredible Naturemoss, producing biophillic signage capable of transforming interior environments.

This latest project took a previously uninspiring space within The Finsbury Business Centre, and alongside new resident caffeine-connoisseur’s The Social Coffee Co., developed a space that welcomed residents of the iconic Clerkenwell office block.

The brief we received from Finsbury Business Centre was to create an energy efficient, affordable and authentic art piece. As we previously mentioned, biophilic design was a consideration from the outset, with the owners looking to add new depth, that could offset an over-arching industrial feel to the building. An ideal scenario for the technical know-how of Unibox, and natural beauty of Innerspace’s products to combine.


Our first challenge was to create the wording that FBC had suggested – a relatable slogan to help create a stress-free space (if that exists in the centre of London!). We used Neonist, our LED illuminated signage with all of the glamour of neon, but none of the shortcomings of last century’s technology.

In contrast with traditional neon, Neonist letters are cut from opal acrylic using the latest CNC machinery for ultimate precision and to ensure that the letters stay true to font. Each letter has a routed cavity which is carefully lined with flexible LED tape to bend with the contours of the letter. The light projects through the opal diffuser surface to produce even, vivid illumination.


Each letter is then fixed to a timber back panel which is populated with Naturemoss, by hand, by Innerspace. For this project, Innerspace’s design team used ‘Bun moss’ and ‘Forest Floor moss’, to give the panel depth of tone and texture and provide a beautifully organic backdrop.

Stabilised Icelandic moss was used to create the display, which is sustainably harvested in Scandinavia, before being cleaned and preserved to retain its natural characteristics, remaining soft to the touch without any watering, sunlight or maintenance. The only thing Naturemoss relies on to stay fresh is natural humidity in the air.

The Result

The result was an engaging environment, suitable for the energetic co-working space that Finsbury Design Centre have made in the heart of designer-centric Clerkenwell.

Combining innovative lighting technology and sustainable real preserved moss, visitors to the new cafe have an inspirational experience.

Learn more about Neonist here, and for more information on Naturemoss, visit the Innerspace website here.