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Fortnum & Mason Royal Exchange Kontakt Illuminated Shelving

Fortnum & Mason Royal Exchange Kontakt Illuminated Shelving

Fortnum & Mason has stood as one of London’s most prestigious shopping destinations since its establishment back in 1707. Enjoying international revere for over 300 years, its name has become synonymous with all things extraordinary and exceptional.

Affectionately referred to as Fortnum’sits entire team takes great pride in stocking some of the finest foods, drinks and gifts that money can buy and makes it their mission to provide customers with a level of service to match.

It was on these values, then, that Fortnum’s rested when working to design the interior of its newest store in the heart of London’s financial district. Set to open inside The Royal Exchange, every area of this store needed to shower customers with elegance, style and class. Recognising the importance of quality and craftsmanship, Fortnum’s Visual Merchandisers asked Unibox to work in collaboration with Universal Design Studio, Speirs & Major and du Boulay Contracts to develop an illuminated shelving system suited to the products on display.

Receiving the Brief

Upon receiving visuals from the project’s creative lead, Universal Design Studio, we recognised that certain design criteria were non-negotiable. Firstly, the interior architecture of the store itself demanded that any shelving system be built according to incredibly precise dimensions. To meet this requirement, our Product Developers worked closely with UDS to create custom diffusers and luminaires that could be bent into the shapes specified.

Secondly, to achieve the light levels requested by Fortnum & Mason, we advised that any illuminated elements should operate using 24W LEDs capable of delivering a CRI of 95. These would reproduce a product’s colours and details with incredible accuracy, enabling the store’s Visual Merchandisers to showcase them in their full glory.

Creating the Solution

Thanks to a host of benefits that are unique to Kontakt, we were able to create a solution that exceeded expectations.

Kontakt is cable-free – Having no unsightly cables, Kontakt doesn’t compromise the aesthetic of a display or detract a customer’s attention from the products on offer. Moreover, this feature dramatically reduces the risk of electrical faults, making Kontakt displays the safer and more reliable choice for retailers.

Kontakt is future proof – With Kontakt, there is no need to carry out complex rewiring when reconfiguring shelving displays. Store interiors can be easily updated as often as is necessary to keep them consistent with merchandising campaigns and new product activations.

Kontakt is customisable – We design and build Kontakt shelving systems using a variety of different materials. Be it wood, laminate, marble, glass, metal or otherwise, we can create a display to match your aesthetic preferences. Additionally, we maximise the effectiveness of Kontakt by using LEDs in a wide range of colour temperatures.

Seeing the Results

Now fully installed at Fortnum & Mason, this application of Kontakt technology is a fabulous example of what the team at Unibox can help brands to achieve when invited to get involved at concept level. Our Designers, Product Developers and Technical Engineers are proud to be able to offer a unique blend of knowledge and experience upon which they draw to create exceptional products that are guaranteed to deliver real results.

We worked in close collaboration with Universal Design Studio, Speirs & Major and du Boulay Contracts to supply a solution which met every element of our client’s design intent and all of their functional objectives. The result? An expertly manufactured display system which offers visually flawless illumination across each shelf. The result is an installation which lives up to the exacting standards both of Fortum’s and of their patrons.

Want to learn more about how Kontakt can enhance your instore merchandising? Click here to read a full description on our product page.