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Gails Bakery Neonist Signage

Gails Bakery Neonist Signage

LED neonist signage for Gail’s Bakery via Holland Harvey Architects

Holland Harvey is an RIBA Chartered Practice and design studio, particularly interested in innovative construction methods and materials, which was the perfect starting point for our first collaboration.

Commissioned to design a series of Gail’s Bakeries – an artisan bakery based in London – Holland Harvey appointed Unibox to provide neon style signage as part of this project.


Following Holland Harvey’s appointment by Gail’s Bakeries, its designer got in touch with Unibox to share a concept image of a neon sign, made up of vivid white neon lettering in a simple font with an acrylic face.

Having previously seen Neonist in our studio, Holland Harvey was keen to recreate this design using our low voltage alternative.


With a good grasp of the overall desired effect and a specific font in mind, we discussed how the sign was to be mounted to the wall, in order to ascertain how to power each letter, and agree the necessary style of the fixings.

Once our technical drawings were approved, we made up a sample letter for Holland Harvey, and the sign went into production.

Helping Holland Harvey bring its creative concepts to life, we created technical drawings, prototype designs, and custom manufacturing techniques to create this unique signage display


Unibox delivered on Holland Harvey’s desire to create a feature sign that remained true to the handmade, artisanal nature of the brand, while introducing a more contemporary look at feel.

Created using Neonist technology, the result was a visually impactful, low voltage alternative to neon.

From when the order was placed, the sign took approximately a week to make and was installed without difficulty by onsite contractors to much acclaim. Unibox is currently working on a second bespoke sign for another Gail’s bakery.

The sign is taken from ‘Le médecin malgré lui’ by the French poet Molière, and is a reference to a mysterious inscription on the building’s main facade.