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Glasswells Modular Retail Shelving

Glasswells Modular Retail Shelving

Glasswells began in 1946 as a family-run business providing quality home furnishings. In the 70 years since its establishment, the company has enjoyed continued growth and is now one of the largest independent homeware stores in the South East. Despite this impressive expansion, Glasswells continues to be a family venture, with new generations still working to build upon the original business model.

The philosophy at the heart of Glasswells has always been to offer high-quality furniture and outstanding customer service. This is why the Glasswells team pay close attention to the changing requirements of their client-base, seeking to provide the most inspiring products and a shopping experience that is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.


In 2018, Glasswells embarked upon a company-wide effort to breathe new life into the interiors of their showrooms. A core element of this project was the installation of new shelving and storage solutions in various locations throughout their flagship store in Bury St. Edmunds. Stressing the need for functionality, flexibility and aesthetic appeal, Glasswells wanted to maximise the efficiency of the space available without having to compromise on the overall experience had by shoppers visiting their showroom.

Moreover, any new shelving system needed to match the rest of the elements already specified for the rest of the store. This prompted Glasswells to approach Unibox for support, having learnt of our ability to respect all aspects of a design brief thanks to the inherent customisability of our product range and our experience in working with a wide range of materials, textures and finishes.


Our team embraced a collaborative approach from the outset, working closely with Glasswells and their contracted suppliers to ensure that the shelving system we supplied blended seamlessly with all of the other fixtures specified for the showroom. We used our capabilities in aluminium fabrication, CNC laser etching and LED technology to create a solution that met all of the finishes specified in our client’s original brief.

During the development process, our design specialists advised Glasswells to include additional under-shelf lighting elements into the modular units. Integrated directly into the shelves, these would ensure that products on display would be enhanced by homogenous, high-CRI illumination.

Further functional elements were recommended by our team, this time in the form of floor mount plates specifically designed to provide the level of stability required given the demands of busy retail environments.


After designing, developing and manufacturing the interior fittings for our client’s new showroom, Unibox then installed the entire system onsite in Bury St. Edmunds. The Sol modular shelving, curved display units and Kontour signage we supplied enabled Glasswells to bring new life into their store – functionally, aesthetically and environmentally. 

Modular: being quick and easy to reconfigure, Unibox’s Sol system enables store displays to be remerchandised as often as is required to keep pace with changing seasonal trends and draw attention to new product promotions.

Flat-pack: modular display units are transported in flat-pack form, meaning they can be shipped easily and cost-effectively from our Manchester-based manufacturing facilities.

Minimalist: the design inspiration at the core of the Sol system allows retailers to create reserved, tasteful merchandising solutions that draw the attention of shoppers directly to the products being displayed.

Environmentally friendly: aluminium is an infinitely recyclable, non-toxic material which means it is highly compatible with the shifting priorities of consumers who are demanding with increasing fervour that brands act in accordance with sustainable values.