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Glasswells Modular Retail Shelving

Glasswells Modular Retail Shelving

Unibox partners with Glasswells to design and manufacture modular retail shelving solutions for its showrooms.

Our team adopted a collaborative approach from the outset, working alongside Glasswells to create a shelving system that would blend seamlessly with all of the other features specified for the retailer’s new showroom and on-site restaurant. We used our Lab-35 system of modular aluminium profiles to engineer a series of sleek, contemporary product display solutions for various locations throughout our client’s store. Flexible and reconfigurable, these shelving systems would enable Glasswells to merchandise its displays in line with seasonal trends, promotions, and product launches.

We also integrated slimline LED lightbars directly into the framework of the shelving systems to ensure that our client’s products would appear as attractive and eye-catching as possible to customers as they browsed the store.

We are all very pleased with the results and can’t thank your team enough!

Visual Merchandiser at Glasswells