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Glasswells Reception Signage

Glasswells Reception Signage

Glasswells began in 1946 as a family-run business providing quality home furnishings. In the 70 years since its establishment, the company has enjoyed continued growth and is now one of the largest independent homeware stores in the South East. Despite this impressive expansion, Glasswells continues to be a family venture, with new generations still working to build upon the original business model.

The philosophy at the heart of Glasswells has always been to offer high-quality furniture and outstanding customer service. To this end, the Glasswells team pay close attention to the changing requirements of their client-base, seeking to provide shoppers with the most inspiring and appealing products possible.


In 2018, Glasswells embarked upon a company-wide effort to rejuvenate the interiors of their showrooms. This included designing a new reception and customer information desk for their Bury St Edmunds store which was not only attractive and functional but also able to blend seamlessly with the existing architectural features of the building itself. This was to be no easy task, however, given that any installation needed to appear as though it was a natural extension of the circular recesses sitting in the showroom’s ceiling.

Knowing of our ability to bend and shape long sections of aluminium profile, Glasswells felt confident in approaching us for support when redesigning their showroom. Upon receiving initial visuals, we worked closely with Glasswells’ Visual Merchandising Team to develop a solution that would meet all of their needs, aesthetic and functional.


Based on past experience, we advised that the most effective solution could be achieved by making some clever modifications to products in our existing range. this involved combining a number of different technologies, materials and manufacturing methods in order to form something new.

Firstly, we built a halo-shape structure using double-sided TFS (Tension Fabric System) so as to allow Glasswells to fit graphics to both the inside and outside of the sign. We then powder coated each individual section of aluminium profile in matt black to ensure that, once installed, the frame would be a perfect colour match for the gloss black fabrics. By specifying lightweight materials throughout, our Design Engineers developed a structure which can be suspended easily and safely from the showroom’s ceiling, just as Glasswells had envisioned. 

The Result

The final reception installation was a multi-layered unit, complete with eye-catching Neonist lettering integrated directly into the TFS frame itself. As per our client’s specifications, this meant that the sign was easily visible to shoppers in all areas of the showroom.

Having recommended that Glasswells use gloss black fabrics in a black aluminium frame, we were able to design, build and install a structure which had no visible lines or joins. Also, choosing short-grain plywood panels for the inside of the halo meant that the Neonist lettering was all perfectly aligned with the outer face. These features not only created the illusion that the sign was entirely solid but also gave it the air of elegance and finesse that Glasswells wanted to bring into their store.

By approaching this project creatively, we prevented our client from incurring the costs involved with designing and developing something completely new. Rather, by tweaking existing products, we were able to provide Glasswells with a unique, attractive and cost-effective piece of equipment that delivers on all fronts.

“…the success of this project relied on the capabilities and experience of all the teams at Unibox. We brought together the skills of our design specialists, fabricators, metal benders, laser technicians, electrical engineers and LED experts to create something that our client have said looks spectacular!”. 
Rebecca Thompson, Key Account Manager at Unibox

“…we are all VERY pleased, thank you so much!”.
Sarah Norris, Visual Merchandiser at Glasswells