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Gresham Office Furniture Bespoke Desk Luminaire

Gresham Office Furniture Bespoke Desk Luminaire

Gresham has been designing and manufacturing high quality, dynamic and innovative office furniture since 1976. To continue their legacy of innovative office solutions, Gresham turned to Unibox to help them develop a high-quality desk light, that could integrate into their existing products.

Our NPD Director, Stephen Muir, led the project and put his extensive experience within the lighting sector to good use. The end result was an elegant, task-focused desk light that integrates seamlessly into Gresham’s products, providing warm, even illumination for office interiors.  


The project began following a sketch from the Gresham team, detailing a light they would like to integrate into the desks. Our UK-based manufacturing facility was the perfect environment to develop the concept, with our in-house design team sketching some working examples that would provide the framework for the product design.

Our experience working with creative agencies highlighted a potential feature the current design was missing. The concept detailed a satin silver (or anodised) aluminium profile to house the lighting, however as all of these fixtures will be primarily used on natural materials, by adding a section mounted on top of the light to match the finish of the desk, the design was enhanced.

In-house Manufacture

All the components were tested and produced in-house, a process which began with the 3D printing of custom brackets. Using ABS material via 3D printing technology to produce samples, we proved the concept could be produced to stunning effect.

The illumination itself was specified by our lighting team to have a colour temperature of 4000K, which sits at a perfect point between warmer colour temperatures that have a red-hue, and cooler temperatures that appear blue. 

The Result

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Gresham to produce a concept that can be rolled out across their product range. 

Working with us in this situation was the perfect environment for a design-focused business to develop a new idea – with our expert design and manufacturing team on hand to guide them through the process.

We look forward to seeing our new product illuminating offices soon!