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Liv Cycles Tension Fabric Exhibition Stand

Liv Cycles Tension Fabric Exhibition Stand

Ever since their establishment in 2004, the team at Whiteroom have been driven by a simple mission: create meaningful experiences in every space. A creative agency at every level, Whiteroom offers services in physical and digital branding which are designed to achieve tangible results for clients across multiple sectors.

This is why, after learning of its solution-led approach to design, the award-winning cycling brand LIV enlisted the support of Whiteroom to create an engaging exhibition space in which to showcase their brand at one of the sport’s biggest promotional events.

However, given the scale and technical complexity of the design brief they had received from LIV, the team at Whiteroom reached out to Unibox for help realising their client’s vision. We worked in close partnership with Whiteroom to develop, engineer and deliver a manufactured solution that would deliver both functionally and aesthetically.

Concept Development

With a wealth of hands-on experience and specialist knowledge, our team proposed that the most effective solution could be achieved by using tension fabric system (TFS) to build a series of suspended 3D banners and freestanding displays.

We advised Whiteroom that TFS would be the most appropriate material for this project due to 3 key reasons: the inherent flexibility of TFS, the ease with which TFS structures can be transported between events and the speed with which these pieces of equipment can be assembled at an exhibition.

Manufacture and Delivery

After finalising designs with Whiteroom, our CAD Engineers began creating the technical drawings that would be used to manufacture the aluminium framework that was to sit at the core of the entire stand.

As is standard in our production process, we checked the bend angles of each piece of aluminium extrusion against full-size prints to ensure that everything was accurate to within the millimetre. This step was vital, as any imprecisions could have compromised the overall safety of the structure or prevented branded fabric graphics from fitting seamlessly into the frame.


Using a combination of elements from our TFS product range, we designed and built a showstopping display system for Whiteroom’s client, LIV. Boasting a large-scale suspended banner and a series of freestanding TFS units, this exhibition stand made it possible for LIV to enjoy huge success at the event.

The sense of depth we were able to achieve by incorporating branded elements at a number of different levels across the stand meant that LIV could capture the attention of attendees and significantly raise brand awareness amongst target clients.