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Tension Fabric Exhibition Stand for Liv Bicycles

Tension Fabric Exhibition Stand for Liv Bicycles

Whiteroom Agency asks Unibox for support in the creation of a showstopping exhibition stand for Liv bicycles.

Our team worked alongside the brand design specialists at Whiteroom Agency to create a multi-functional exhibition space for Liv to use at the UK’s biggest cycling expo. Knowing that we have over 30 years of hands-on industry experience, Whiteroom asked us to propose a solution that would prove most effective.

We engineered a bespoke exhibition stand using elements from our Unibox System of modular aluminium profiles together with tension fabric graphics and floor-standing product displays. The flexibility of the Unibox System meant that we could create a solution that met each aspect of Whiteroom’s creative intent whilst ensuring that it would be quick and easy to assemble on-site in the exhibition hall.

As always, we’re really pleased with all of the projects we’re working on with Unibox.

Managing Director of Whiteroom Agency