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Multiyork Modular Retail Displays

Multiyork Modular Retail Displays

Sofa and furniture specialist Multiyork offers great quality sofas, armchairs, and furniture, via a nationwide chain of 58 stores.

To facilitate sales, it is vital that its range of designs and fabrics are presented in a modern and inspirational environment.

To help achieve this, Multiyork contacted Unibox to develop a visual merchandising display system as part of the company’s extensive in-store refurbishment programme.


Multiyork’s visual merchandising team had seen and loved the Unibox Sol extruded aluminium system, a 35mm square modular solution that has been developed for a multitude of visual display applications. 

Inspired by the cubic sculptures of American Artist Sol Lewitt, the Sol system was created by British designer Tom Dixon and his team, in conjunction with Unibox, for use in showrooms and shop-in-shop spaces worldwide.


Having appointed Unibox to this project, conversations with Multiyork’s visual merchandising team and facilities department led to a finalised design solution that consisted of a black powder coated framework, along with a number of bespoke panels.

Customising our existing Sol product using in-house machinery and expertise, we integrated MDF panels and other materials into the final display unit.

From start to finish we worked with Multiyork, to sure our product met their needs, technical specifications, and material finishes.


As elegant and minimalist as it is practical and robust, the Sol modular retail display system created an exciting, reconfigurable display solution, capable of carrying a wide variety of merchandise.

The black framework of the Sol system provided a consistent design backdrop for the Multiyork product range, as well as an updated, contemporary voice for the store (supported by some stylish treatments by the visual merchandising team).

Multiyork launched the system in their high street format store in Bristol; which naturally brings a smaller footprint and limited ceiling height. The store was deemed to be a tremendous success, with Unibox called upon to help with a second store in Solihull. This time an out of town format, including a mezzanine floor and double height atrium. Moving forward in 2016, Unibox will be applying the system to a nationwide roll out programme.