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Samsung Selfridges Motion Lightbox

Samsung Selfridges Motion Lightbox

When it came to the launch of Samsung’s new concession within Selfridges, London, they required a partner capable of creating equally innovative display systems. 

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been working in conjunction with the PLB Group – creative, production and installation specialists, and Dalziel & Pow – renowned retail design experts, to create an engaging environment for Samsung using our patented Kinetik lightboxes.

Kinetik RGB

The first project took place within Samsung’s Selfridges concession in 2017, where the global electronics brand were looking to launch their new QLED curved TV, Samsung Gear 360 camera, plus their flagship smartphone – the S7.

To create the impact Samsung were looking for, PLB and Dalziel & Pow turned to our patented Kinetik technology. Kinetik’s patented animated LED display was used to not only illuminate fabric, but work with the graphic to create a movement effect.

Kinetik White

Working on this project identified an opportunity to develop a new variation of our patented Kinetik technology, as a result of this particular display only using white light. After continued R&D over the following months, our lighting team developed Kinetik White, which uses white-only programmable LEDs instead of RGB.

Using white LEDs means the overall display uses less power, without sacrificing any of the incredible eye-catching movement Kinetik is known for. After liaising with the team responsible for ongoing graphics, we decided to showcase this new version by replacing the Kinetik RGB with Kinetik White, as part of the second stage of their display in Selfridges. Alongside their latest promotions, the animation continued to engage shoppers and drive footfall, whilst dramatically reducing energy costs. 

The Result

Overall, Samsung were delighted with both the displays created for them over the last 12 months. Kinetik helped to create the quality environment a global brand such as Samsung requires, especially within Selfridges.

Our collaboration with Dalziel & Pow and The PLB Group showed why many design agencies and production specialists enjoy working with us. With a wealth of design experience in-house, and dedicated project management teams, we help to both realise creative vision and fulfil this with an expertly-managed manufacturing process.

For more information on illuminated graphics, or the integration of light into your project, contact our team on 0161 655 2100 or email [email protected]