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Selfridges Manchester Luxury Retail Displays

Selfridges Manchester Luxury Retail Displays

Selfridges work with Unibox to develop custom visual merchandising solution 

Following our recent project with Alkemistry, who launched their new range in Manchester’s Selfridges store, the in-house Selfridges VM team were impressed by the quality and finishes that a local supplier could provide.

This resulted in a number of luxury-styled visual merchandising displays that utilised Unibox’s in-house manufacturing and design capabilities.


The Selfridges team initially visited our Manchester-based HQ, allowing them to get a sense of the scale and capability of our team. A brief followed, containing sketches of a multi-sized visual merchandising display that featured minimal framework and an enclosed display for high-value handbags.

Unibox’s technical & creative designers drafted 3D renders of the system, and produced full technical drawings of how the displays would be manufactured.


Due to the luxury nature of Selfridges, their VM team specified a custom finish that would be applied to our most lightweight display system, 25|25. The aluminium framework was plated in a copper finish, with museum-grade acrylic display cases mounted onto the top of the display, which were mitred and UV bonded in-house allowing full focus to be on the product.

It also has the added benefit of being easily flat-packed, when store layout changes and the displays aren’t required.

The Result

The result was a stunning range of custom sized VM displays housing high-value merchandise whilst blending into the luxury surroundings. The Selfridges team were impressed by the ability of a local supplier, and the expertise we demonstrated throughout the process, including 3D visualisations, technical design, manufacture and a full consultative approach throughout the process.

Learn more about our 25|25 modular system here, which was specifically designed as a lightweight, low gauge framework for visual merchandising, and find out more on retail display cabinets here.