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Sky Q Custom Lightbox Display Roll-out

Sky Q Custom Lightbox Display Roll-out

Interactive LED lightbox display for the launch of Sky Q, developed in collaboration with Avvio Reply

Labelled “the most anticipated TV tech launch of 2016”, Sky Q – the next generation home entertainment system – promises to change the way we watch TV.

Working together with creative communications agency Avvio Reply, Unibox created an interactive LED Lightbox solution to help Sky to launch its brand new viewing platform.

The Concept

In partnership with creative communications agency and long-time partner Avvio Reply, a custom Tension Fabric System archway with integrated touch screens, acrylic product boxes, and LED feature lighting around the curved channel was originally specified.

However, as the project progressed, this design adapted in line with the changing needs of the client – and as a result of our manufacturing and design expertise.


Ultimately, Unibox created an interactive LED Lightbox solution, with secondary lighting, integrated product display, and custom shelving. Our technical and design teams also programmed an animated LED light sequence into the lightbox itself, that mimicked the pulsating branding of the ‘Q’.

The display was cleverly designed to show off the new Sky Q box and allow internal stakeholders to learn more about the system.

The Results

The Unibox-Avvio Reply graphic display solution was designed to help educate audiences as to the tremendous benefits of the new Sky Q entertainment system.

The result was both engaging and educational, and was installed into every Sky office across the UK, including Sky HQ, for launch.

Our solution included: 

Large format LED lightbox

With secondary lightbox featuring an integrated TV screen and clear acrylic product displays.

Custom shelving for the Sky Q box

A bespoke, solid, laser-cut shelf. Offering a structurally sound display, we applied vinyl graphics to the bottom of the shelf for visual effect. This was then mounted into the lightbox, secured to the back panel for optimal stability.

Custom LED programming within the vicinity of each ‘Q’

Each lightbox was created with a custom pulsating pattern based on the position of graphics.

Dimmable LEDs

To provide employees with the option to dim the brightness of the lightbox to prevent any glare or colour distortion on computer screens (meeting Health and Safety requirements).