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Sports Direct Illuminated Visual Merchandising

Sports Direct Illuminated Visual Merchandising

In our latest project, we worked with Replan to introduce engaging illuminated signage throughout Sports Direct’s PRO store.

Replan are experts in retail design, serving retailers with flexible shop designs for over 30 years. Their focus on flexibility meant our collaboration was the ideal scenario for this environment. 

Replan’s approach to design aligned with our products due to their commitment to making the most out of available space. Using Magnetik, Replan added a new dimension to Sports Direct’s retail displays.


Replan used our innovative Magnetik system to combine illuminated graphics and product display in several key locations throughout the store. 

Demonstrating the true versatility of the Magnetik system, Replan used the system to transform gondola-ends in the PRO Rucksacks area – framing the space and highlighting featured products, whilst also using Magnetik as a visual merchandising tool, sitting three individual displays in front of a beautifully arranged Lightbox display. 

In particular, the application of graphics within these displays works perfectly. Photos shot with models on one side allowed the Magnetik system to work its magic on the opposite side, displaying the merchandise each model wore and adding context to each product range.

How it works

Using a clever bit of engineering – when combined with our tension fabric system – our magnetik ‘floating’ shelves enable the design of stylish, eye-catching product displays and promotions.

Undetectable from the outside, the system works in harmony with your fabric displays, without the need for unsightly fixtures or cuts.

With brackets and supports that are easily repositioned on both the horizontal and vertical axis, alongside a choice of brackets and magnet configurations, you can amalgamate graphics and products to great effect.

The Result

Our collaboration with Replan was a huge success, and shows the impact Magnetik can have on a retail environment. 

Lightboxes (and illuminated signage in general) have been proven to catch the attention of shoppers, with Magnetik capitalising on this attention by displaying featured products.

For more information on Magnetik, click here. 

Or to discuss how Magnetik could be used for your store displays,

contact our team on 0161 655 2100 or email [email protected]