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Tekzone Selfridges Oxford St Bespoke RGB Lighting Scheme

Tekzone Selfridges Oxford St Bespoke RGB Lighting Scheme

Tekzone is a retailer of consumer electronics that prides itself on sourcing and supplying customers with the latest equipment from the world’s most reputable brands. It is a key partner of the high-street giant, Selfridges, and manages the technology department of its flagship store on London’s Oxford Street. In 2019, Tekzone wanted to regenerate its store format from floor to ceiling. So, with the support of London-based design consultants, Grapes Design, it embarked upon an ambitious project to overhaul each element of its visual merchandising. Knowing of our experience in creating bespoke LED lighting systems for retailers of all types, Grapes Design approached Unibox for support to engineer a solution that would perform exactly as Tekzone imagined.  

Design and Development

Initial meetings with Tekzone and Grapes Design showed plans for a lighting matrix inspired by the sci-fi film, Tron. To meet these aesthetic objectives and provide optimum light levels at floor-level, we manufactured, assembled and installed 300m of aluminium profiles with integrated RGBW LEDs. These were assembled in a custom configuration to create an installation that is entirely unique. 

Understanding the nature of Tekzone’s business, we advised using DMX as opposed to wireless technologies to control the store’s lights. By operating using a complex network of shielded cables, DMX enables upscale lighting systems to function without being interrupted by wireless signals in the vicinity.

Concept drawings by Grapes.

Manufacture and Installation

We manufactured each raft to be ‘plug-and-play’ so that our client could carry out routine maintenance on individual sections without having to dismantle the entire lighting system. 

To accommodate the tight deadlines of our partners, we sent a team of technicians to install each section of the lighting system on-site. This phase of the project was completed within just two weeks and ensured that the store was able to open its doors as planned. 


We were thrilled to have been asked to supply the main lighting for Tekzone’s new Selfridges store. It saw us incorporate a wide range of skills and capabilities – LED lightingaluminium extrusionlightboxesdisplay casesNeonist signageKontakt – illuminated shelving, RGBW components, bespoke designs, plug-and-play technologies and more – all of which came together to create a visually striking, one-of-a-kind store concept.