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Tesco Hudl POP Roll-out

Tesco Hudl POP Roll-out

In October 2013, supermarket and retail giant Tesco launched its first, own-brand Android tablet. Breaking into uncharted territory, Tesco’s ‘Hudl’ succeeded in delivering an affordable, entry-level device to its customers.

Having undertaken a rigorous pitching process, Tesco appointed Unibox due to our expertise in both graphic display and LED illumination.

Partnering with independent retail design agency Quantum 4, our brief was to design and manufacture a bespoke display, comprising illuminated graphic messaging and LED edge-lit shelving.


Tesco required a visual merchandising solution that would help to promote the product to its in-store customers and facilitate sales. 

As such, an attention-grabbing graphic display was required, one that could be placed in prime positions across its stores. The display needed to emphasise the Hudl tablet, while also clearly promoting relevant information about it.


The launch of Hudl within Tesco gave us the opportunity to partner with Quantum 4 to design and manufacture a bespoke display comprising illuminated graphic messaging and LED edge-lit shelving.

Flux 18 – our slimmest display system, which houses high-resolution Duratrans graphics illuminated by an edge lit LED panel – was the perfect product for the task.

However, for this to fit the supermarket’s standard gondola feature, we also used our in-house manufacturing skills, including specialist laser and CNC technologies, to modify the Flux system as needed. In addition, we created bespoke LED edge-lit shelf panels for the tablet, with holes lasered to fit the holder stands perfectly, and under-shelf LED linear light bars.


Working in partnership with Quantum 4 and Tesco, the Unibox team created an impactful, innovative, illuminated product display for the Hudl tablet.

Rolling out of the project across the UK, our illuminated product display was installed in 500 stores, with sales of Hudl outstripping every other brand of tablet within Tesco.