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Tom Dixon the Coal Office Bespoke Illuminated Shelving

Tom Dixon the Coal Office Bespoke Illuminated Shelving

After more than 10 years at their Portobello Dock site, Tom Dixon has relocated to King’s Cross – which is quickly becoming the new creative hub of London. Their new site, The Coal Office, will play host to their flagship store and office space with a  restaurant and cafe in the works too.
With ongoing collaborations with Unibox spanning nearly the entire time they were based in Portobello Dock, we were tasked with creating a unique shelving system for their new home.


Tom had an idea of what he’d like to create. An industrial-styled display that provided contrast to the wharf building aesthetic that is now almost synonymous with the Tom Dixon retail experience.

Etched on the back of some meeting notes, Tom provided us & his design team with his vision. It was then our combined responsibility to deliver. Following designs coming in from the TD creative team, our technical specialists created drawings of each shelving unit, detailing their exact composition.

With a requirement for the shelves to be illuminated from the shelf itself, as opposed to providing down-lighting as is the standard in retail, our team quickly picked up on technical amendments that would relieve the pressure on the light guide plate, ensuring uniform light distribution across the entire shelf.  


Following this, we set to work creating the specific finishes requested from the Tom Dixon team. 

To contrast beautifully against the rough brick surroundings, galvanised steel was used for the uprights and the shelf casing, making the display look almost statuesque in its surroundings.

Providing an extra element of customisation, the composition of the shelving allows filters to be placed between the light guide plate, and the exterior opal diffuser. This means that the Tom Dixon team can change the colours of every shelf whenever required – for events, new product launches or season changes.

The Result

With the digital world putting more and more pressure on physical retail, it’s great to hear Tom Dixon himself state how important stores still are.

‘It’s now a cliché to say you will merge online and physical retail – this we have to do – but I want to make a visit more engaging, richer and more complete by adding new tastes, new smells and more textures to it.’ So now, part of the design studio and the workshop will be visible to the public. Wallpaper

We’re incredibly happy to help the team move into their new home at The Coal Office, and look forward to many more collaborations in the future.