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Retail and Product Display Stands

Product displays are a vital feature in any store environment. Fast-paced retail spaces need displays systems that can be updated to suit changing trends and adapting according to evolving customer preferences.

An ultra-effective way of achieving this is by creating bespoke systems that have been designed and engineered to meet the specific functional, spatial, ethical and visual needs of a store.

We have been working with an international network of retailer and store designers for over 30 years, using our expertise in combining modular aluminium systems with LED lighting technologies to create unique, client-led solutions that are proven to boost sales and increase footfall.

Our team has supported some of the world’s biggest brands by engineering award winning retail display systems, sharing industry insights and offering access to high capacity production facilities.

Interested in our Retail Displays? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]


Display plinths and pedestals provide a highly-effective way of maximising the visibility of particular products. By giving people a full 360° view of the items on display, they are ideal for use in busy store environments, window displays, art galleries and museums. Our display plinths are available in a wide range of sizes, heights and material finishes to complement existing interior design schemes.

Gondola End

Gondola end displays allow retailers to showcase products in the most high-traffic areas of their stores. Sitting perpendicular to the main display bays and merchandising systems, gondola end displays are designed to draw attention to special promotions and encourage shoppers to make impulse purchases whilst browsing.

Point of Purchase

Point of purchase (POP) displays are designed to tempt shoppers into making impulse purchases by presenting new, limited edition or seasonal products in strategic locations within a store. They are available in a wide range of styles to suit the spatial and aesthetic requirements of different retail environments.

Point of Sale

Point of sale (POS) displays are a tried-and-tested way of enticing shoppers with promotional displays that are placed strategically at the checkout areas of stores. They can be customised to support brand-specific objectives with the inclusion of eye-catching graphics, illuminated elements, shelving systems, display rails, digital enhancements and more.