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L’Oréal reconfigurable Pop-up display stand

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Shop Layout Design and Retail Display Ideas

Shop Layout and Retail Design Ideas There are four main shop layout designs and retail space design techniques that crop up time and time again. These systematic merchandising plans are commonly used by both large and small retailers working to maximise the effectiveness of their product displays, improve customer experience and generate sales. But, what… Continue reading Shop Layout Design and Retail Display Ideas

What is a Lightbox?

What are Lightboxes? Lightboxes are an ultra-effective visual communication tool for use in retail spaces as well as a sleek, energy-efficient lighting solution for a wide range of interior environments. Lightboxes use LED technologies to illuminate fabric or rigid panel graphics that are housed within outer frames to create visually exciting displays that are instantly… Continue reading What is a Lightbox?

Tesco Hudl POP Roll-Out

Illuminated POP displays for the launch of Tesco’s Hudl tablet across the UK.

Superdry Cardiff POS Illuminated Signage

Unibox creates illuminated POS signage for Superdry’s Cardiff store.

Businesswise Solutions Kinetik Lightboxes

Unibox collaborates with Cornershop Design to create a dynamic lightbox installation for Businesswise Solutions.

Samsung Selfridges Motion Lightbox

Unibox engineers striking motion-effect lightboxes for Samsung’s Selfridges concession.