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Christmas Window Displays and Ideas

The Best Christmas Window Display Ideas and Inspiration As one of the most important periods in the retail calendar, the high street brands and luxury labels we all know and love invest heavily in the creation of inspirational visual merchandising campaigns that will succeed in enticing shoppers into their stores. This is not a new… Continue reading Christmas Window Displays and Ideas

The Types and Importance of Window Displays

The Importance of Store Window Displays Window displays are one of the most important parts of any retail space. They are the first touchpoint between a brand and its target market and are responsible for tempting potential customers into a store to explore its products, services and exclusive experiences. Of all the elements that come… Continue reading The Types and Importance of Window Displays

George Smith Window Lightboxes

A seasonal window display that delivers both functionally and aesthetically.

Radley Window Display Roll-out

British accessories retailer, Radley, appoints Unibox to design and manufacture a striking window display for its outlet stores. Radley wanted to transform the look and feel of the window displays in its outlet stores by creating more eye-catching installations with a wider range of functionalities and built-in merchandising options. We engineered a solution using our… Continue reading Radley Window Display Roll-out

Debenhams Oxford Street Lightboxes

Unibox creates a range of illuminated graphic and product displays for Debenhams.