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70 St. Mary Axe Linear Ceiling Lighting

70 St. Mary Axe Linear Ceiling Lighting

Unibox partners with Foggo Associates on the creation of architectural lighting for the lettable office space inside 70 St. Mary Axe.

To satisfy our client’s need for flexibility, we designed a custom luminaire. This was engineered to operate as a modular solution, with shorter lengths being connected together in series to span the full length of the office. These sections were easy to remove, reposition and reinstall – a detail which would enable the building’s tenants to construct partition walls wherever necessary without causing disruption to the lighting system as a whole.

We developed the lighting system using ultra-efficient LED chips with colour rendering capabilities of more than 90. We also designed a bespoke PCB with the ability to achieve the required Lux level of 400 at desk level without using more than 10W per m², as was required to uphold Foggo Associates’ commitment to BREEAM standards.

For the third floor alone, our team supplied over 1800 metres of bespoke luminaires. To future-proof the installation, these were designed to be installed in 1312 separate sections of varying lengths so that the system would easy to reconfigure according to tenant-specific requirements.

Unibox, with their vast experience using LED lighting and custom metal extrusions, proved to be the perfect partner for the project. They worked patiently with us, helping to solve innumerable technical and logistical challenges before going the extra mile to ensure that every installation detail was properly considered.

Rogelio Escargara, Architect at Foggo Associates