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70 St. Mary Axe Linear Ceiling Lighting

70 St. Mary Axe Linear Ceiling Lighting

Rising high above the noise of the City of London, 70 St. Mary Axe sits proudly as the newest addition to the ever-growing collection of landmark buildings that make up the capital’s iconic skyline. This 21 storey, 41,515m² development comes from one of the UK’s most notable architectural practices – Foggo Associates – and promises to provide efficient, flexible office spaces to the businesses that are shaping the future of global commerce. Having such a distinctive, striking exterior, Foggo Associates felt certain that the interior of 70 St. Mary Axe needed to be just as impressive.

Recognising this, the building’s architects began by specifying a ceiling luminaire that would entice prospective tenants by offering them a space with the perfect balance of form and function. Their concept? A series of identical lines of light, the dimensions of which would match the glazing mullions which were to wrap up and over the building’s exterior. This would create the impressive illusion of there being one continuous beam flowing from the outside right through into the offices inside. Seeking to maximise the usability of their space, Foggo Associates also specified that the system must be fully reconfigurable to enable future tenants to easily divide the office space into sections suitable for their individual business needs. Additionally, they stressed that each luminaire needed to consistently deliver 400 Lux at floor-level in order to promote a focussed working environment.

Given the number of features included in their designs, no off-the-shelf product would be able to perform as required. This led Foggo Associates to seek help from a supplier with the manufacturing and design capabilities needed to develop a custom solution. Given our reputation for being able to take on such complex, bespoke projects, Foggo Associates invited Unibox to step in and bring their idea to life. 

Design & Development

We worked closely with Foggo Associates to develop a product capable of meeting their exacting specifications. To satisfy their need for flexibility, we designed an 84mm wide by 105mm high luminaire which is built by connecting a range of shorter lengths together in series. These short sections are easy to remove, reposition and reinstall – a detail which enables tenants to construct partition walls wherever necessary without causing disruption to the lighting system as a whole.

Being experts on the properties and applications of LEDs, we were able to develop a luminaire with highly efficient 90 CRI LED chips and design a bespoke PCB with the ability to achieve the required Lux level of 400. Conscious of our client’s commitment to BREEAM standards, our Technical Engineers worked to develop a product that uses less than 10 Watts per m².

Production & Installation

For the third floor alone, we supplied and installed over 1800m of bespoke luminaires. To future-proof the installation, these were designed to be supplied in 1312 separate sections of varying lengths so that the system is easy to reconfigure according to tenant-specific requirements.

We added further flexibility by developing the luminaires to be entirely ‘plug-and-play’. Made possible by incorporating cleverly-engineered cable harnesses and DALI driver assemblies, this feature means that all of the luminaires operate by being plugged directly into one another thereby allowing for quicker, more straightforward install on-site.

Results & Testimonials

By working directly with Foggo Associates throughout the development process, we ensured that their original design intent was followed from start to finish. Having teams of specialists who boast unparalleled levels of industry knowledge and experience, we were able to create a product which out-performs any off-the-shelf alternative. 

All this leads to an end result which is nothing short of spectacular – a visually striking system of bespoke luminaires, all of which work in series to deliver the lighting levels and flexibility specified in our client’s initial drawings.

We had a long search before finding a company that could create the bespoke lighting envisaged for 70 St Mary Axe. Unibox, with their vast experience using LED lighting and custom metal extrusions, proved to be the perfect partner for the project. Their entire team worked patiently with us, helping to solve innumerable technical and logistical challenges. Unibox were also instrumental in seeing the project through the construction phase and were able to go the extra mile to ensure that every installation detail was properly considered- no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. The results have exceeded everyone’s expectations and we look forward to any opportunity for collaborating with Nick Wraith and his team on future projects.” 

Foggo Associates