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International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day 2022: Unibox Breaks the Bias!

International Women’s Day is a global day to celebrate and generate awareness about the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

In spite of their wide-ranging and far-reaching achievements, there is still a serious imbalance between the statuses prescribed to women and men. Whether it’s in our local communities, our governments, our workplaces, our schools or our universities, deep-rooted prejudices prevent women from moving ahead and enjoying the same opportunities as men.

This is why the theme for this year’s IWD is #BreakTheBias. It’s an open invitation for men and women all over the world to pledge their commitment to breaking down established biases that exist everywhere in society and support the ongoing fight against gender discrimination and stereotyping.

The organisers of International Women’s Day are urging people to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions on a daily basis and recognise that, on an individual level, they have a vital part to play in the restructuring of belief paradigms that systematically prevent women from reaching their potential.

Here at Unibox, we are all united by a belief that women and men should have the same opportunities. We are all committed to securing a world in which there are no stereotypes, discrimination or bias and in which diversity, inclusivity and equality are celebrated absolutely.

And we really do believe this…

We choose to reject global patterns of employment that see huge disparities between the numbers of women and men who are in high-earning and leadership positions. We also choose to ignore the traditional expectations ascribed to certain occupations by working to encourage women to pursue careers in male-dominated fields such as management, engineering, and manufacturing.

The women of Unibox work in management, product design, procurement, accounts, marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering, quality control and electrical assembly.

In fact, women make up fifty per cent of the Directors at Unibox. When we consider that recent data published by The Fawcett Society shows that, in the UK, women hold less than a third (32%) of the positions of power in society and only 8% of FTSE 100 companies have female CEOs, this is something of which we are incredibly proud.

When asked to reflect on their experiences of gender biases and on the invaluable role played by women here at Unibox, our Commercial Director, Emma Elliott, and HR Director, Lesley Ward, offered their insights.

Q1. How does Unibox benefit from having an equal number of male and female Directors?

Lesley: “Past, present and future, diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA. Representation of females in the workplace is crucial for the continued success of our business and at the core of our ongoing HR strategy.”

Emma: “I agree…the numbers don’t lie. There is a wealth of data proving that firms led by women aren’t just proven to be more commercially successful than those led exclusively by men, they’re also proven to have more engaged, more satisfied and more inspired workforces.”

Q2. With this year’s IWD theme being #BreakTheBias, how does Unibox work to break down gender stereotypes?

Lesley: “Unibox is proud of the strong female presence throughout the business. Manufacturing is traditionally a male-dominated industry however with 50% of our Directorship being female we are definitely breaking the bias.”

Emma: “Capability doesn’t have a gender. Women are just as competent as men when it comes to managing the demands that come part and parcel with positions of leadership, the only factor that holds us back is outdated, conservative assumptions about our potential!”

Ultimately, though, International Women’s Day is but one day out of an entire year. Whilst there are no questions about it being an incredibly important event for the global effort to bring about the empowerment and emancipation of women, the sentiments it aims to spread must be taken on board every day we’re to break the bias!

Visit our About Us page to meet our entire team of ultra-talented women (and men) and see our current employment opportunities.