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How to Create Effective Jewellery Displays, Cabinets and Counters

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How to Create Effective Jewellery Displays Using Cabinets & Counters

Jewellers are unique in the world of retail, as their stores must use product displays that are eye-catching and flexible yet able to offer the levels of security needed to showcase high-value items.

Cabinets and counters are an excellent choice for jewellery retailers seeking to create engaging, effective store environments. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and material finishes to complement the interior aesthetic of any store and can be arranged in custom configurations to suit store-specific layouts.

At Unibox, we have been manufacturing glass cabinets, counters and showcases for jewellers such as Goldsmiths, Beaverbrooks, Christopher Evans and F. Hinds for well over 25 years and so have a wealth of hands-on experience in delivering solutions that are optimised to meet the needs of this sector.

In this blog post, we’ll run through what we’ve learnt and share our insights on how to create effective jewellery displays that present products in all their finery.

Types of Jewellery Display Cabinets

There is a range of different options for retailers seeking to display jewellery and accessories, each of which provides its own unique benefits and features. Here is an overview of the main types of display cabinets and counters that are used by jewellers.

Tower Display Cabinets

Tower display cabinets, sometimes called full height cabinets, provide a tall, slender space in which to display products. They’re perfect for retailers that need to update their in-store displays alongside seasonal promotions, new product launches, events and changes to stock levels.

In tower displays, products can be displayed in isolation on their own dedicated shelves to ensure they are as visible and eye-catching as possible to customers. Products can also be displayed together in ranges to create cross-selling opportunities.

Tower display cabinets can be used to display items vertically

Tower display cabinets are ideal for use in smaller retail environments as they maximise the merchandising potential of the available floor space by stacking products vertically rather than horizontally.

Counter Display Cabinets

Counter displays are half-height cabinets that enable shoppers to view products from a range of different angles. They are a great choice for retailers wanting to integrate brand messages, product information or images into their displays through the use of custom infill panels. Counter display cabinets are easy to update and reconfigure in line with new product launches and seasonal promotions.

An example of a counter-height display case containing sunglasses

Jewellery stores often use counter displays to showcase a specific range of products, such as those that belong to a particular brand (i.e. Swarovski) or category (i.e. men’s watches). This is because counter-height cabinets enable visual merchandisers to display groups of related products adjacent to each other in logical ways that are easy for customers to understand.

Wall-mounted Display Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets provide a secure way of displaying products in environments where there is a limited amount of floor space. They can be installed at any height to maximise the visibility of the items being showcased and configured in series to create high-capacity display systems.

Wall-mounted cabinets are an excellent space-saving option

Island Displays

Island display systems are formed by using a range of different cabinets and counters together. Retailers can create larger displays using tower cabinets and counter-height cabinets that are arranged in custom configurations.

An example of an island jewellery display

An added benefit of island display systems is that they allow customers to view products from all angles, letting them appreciate all the details of high-value items. Island displays are ideal for use in busy shopping centres or department stores, as they act as a focal point within larger spaces and are robust enough to withstand large volumes of shoppers.

Ultimately, using a combination of different cabinets and counters is the best way in which jewellers and accessories retailers can create visually exciting shopping environments that have the range of functionalities needed to display products securely and effectively.

Design Options and Enhancements

Frame depths

Secure, well-built display cabinets generally use metal frames to house glass panels. These frames (which are often formed from lightweight, durable materials such as aluminium) can be engineered in different depths to completely transform the overall look and feel of a jewellery display.

For example, thinner frames will result in a more minimalist aesthetic that may be preferable for display cabinets showcasing delicate or small items of jewellery. By contrast, thicker frames make for an altogether more impactful display cabinet that will grab the attention of shoppers and provide an opportunity for retailers to communicate brand identity with customers.

Material finishes

The aluminium frames of display cabinets and counters can be powder-coated in different finishes to suit brand-specific colour schemes and interior design concepts. Display systems no longer have to be manufactured in a limited set of RAL colours or with a standard satin silver finish…they can now be processed to replicate the appearance of wood, chrome, marble and a whole range of other visually exciting finishes.

With such a wide range of finishing options available, retailers have more choice than ever before when it comes to the appearance of their cabinets and counters and they are able to communicate their brand’s identity subtly through carefully-considered design.

Infill panels

Infill panels are used for two reasons – to incorporate brand messages, product descriptions and attention-grabbing graphics into display cabinets and to serve as divider panels behind which additional stock or integrated lighting systems can be kept.

By using infill panels, brands can extend the functionality of their displays without compromising the overall aesthetic appeal of their stores.

Integrated Security Features

Jewellery cabinets contain high-value items, so it’s important that they have secure locking systems to deter criminals and prevent theft. The main type of locking system found on display cabinets is a secure lock and key mechanism.

Alongside the locking system, the type of glass used on a display cabinet is important too. There are different types of security glass that are used to keep products safe without stopping customers from being able to view them properly. These include:

Laminated – Two panels of glass are laminated together using a plastic interlayer.

Security glass – Two sections of glass that are joined with a tough interlayer that withstands impact.

Accent Lighting

Adding accent lighting to cabinets and showcases is one of the most important things to consider, yet it is often overlooked. With high-quality products and intricate merchandise being displayed in elegant cases, appropriate product lighting is vital for ensuring that shoppers are able to appreciate them properly.

Accent lights can be used to draw attention to particular items such as new ranges, hero products or promotions. They also add visual drama to display cabinets and make sure that passers-by notice them when browsing.

The colour temperature of the lighting specified for a product display is also crucial. Warm LEDs are known to encourage a sense of comfort and intimacy whilst cool LEDs are known to create an atmosphere of precision and modernity.

At Unibox, we have decades of experience in working alongside retailers to design and engineer specialist LED lighting systems that are optimised to showcase products as effectively as possible. We understand the fast-paced, demanding nature of retail environments and work to develop solutions that are equipped to meet the needs of your business.

See our full range of glass display cabinets, cases and counters here, or contact us for more information.