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Exhibition Stand for OmniFactory

Exhibition Stand for OmniFactory

Our client, John E Wright, asked the Unibox team to produce an exhibition stand featuring arches for Omnifactory to exhibit at Smart Factory Expo. We worked collaboratively with John E Wright and Omnifactory to agree on a final design before we produced the stand, including all the Mod-U-Lok components with in-built illumination, and a premium-finish cabinet. 

The stand’s left back wall and archways are made from our Mod-U-Lok system, whereas the right back wall is made from existing Unibox System. As Mod-U-Lok is compatible with Unibox System and integrates easily, this was the optimal solution for the client, saving them both time and money.

John E Wright approached Unibox because of our ability to illuminate stands seamlessly and we were able to deliver against the requirements for a sophisticated stand with integrated lighting that sat within a Mod-U-Lok framework. The finish was high quality, with no shadow cast on the display due to the quality of the luminaires used.

We collaborated with John E Wright to work out the best solution for the fabrics over the light panels to diffuse light evenly.

The original intention was for end caps to be added to the Mod-U-Lok holes, but the clients preferred the way that the light shone through them so the decision was made to not add end caps and use this effect as the focal point of the exhibition stand. This ‘glow’ effect created stand out in comparison to conventional stands.

John E Wright built the whole stand hassle-free, and received positive feedback on the show from their client Omnifactory.