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Advantages of LED Signage

Advantages of LED Signage

LED signage has revolutionised the way businesses promote their brands and products. With their eye-catching appeal and versatility, they offer numerous advantages to both sign-makers and customers.

How can LED signage benefit you and your business?

1. Enhancing Brand Visibility:

LED signage is an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to create awareness and make a lasting impression on potential customers. It allows brands across various sectors to assert their identity and strengthen their presence amidst competitors. This is because not only do illuminated signs stand out in low-light conditions, but they also grab attention in broad daylight.

Investing in LED signage ensures your business doesn’t fade into the background, effectively generating brand recognition and ultimately increasing footfall.

2. Increased Revenue Potential for Sign-Makers:

The constant demand for illuminated signs creates an ongoing and profitable market for sign-makers, allowing them to up-sell or charge a premium for their services. By leveraging their expertise in LED technology, sign-makers can provide customised solutions to meet any aesthetic or functional requirements.

At Unibox, we work alongside an international network of brands and design agencies to create a wide range of LED signs. Instead of purchasing an off the shelf sign, customers can tell us what they wish to illuminate, and we will recommend a solution based on the brand’s look and feel.

Locker 19 provided Unibox with a vector file of their striking intricate logo, and the team produced a render to demonstrate how the finished product could look. The bespoke sign had to combine different font sizes, numbers and an icon, to be illuminated in specific white and yellow brand colours. 

3. Cost-effective Colour-Changing LEDs:

The decreasing cost of colour-changing and colour addressable LEDs has made them more accessible for various projects. This affordability empowers customers to have greater control over how their branding and messaging is displayed, allowing for dynamic and engaging signage solutions.

4. Advancements in LED Technology:

LED signage is a rapidly evolving industry, with new developments allowing greater customisation than ever before. For example, sign-makers can now utilise analogue or digital controls as a dimmer or to control the Colour Temperature to adapt the sign to different lighting conditions and create the desired ambiance.

As well as this, new advancements in LED technology mean that Unibox can now engineer designs that were previously unachievable. Flexible sheets, zig-zag configurations, and side fire LEDs enable the construction of intricate shapes with sharp definition, staying true to the customers’ brand aesthetics.

5. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

By sourcing high-efficacy LED modules, sign-makers can reduce energy consumption without compromising on brightness. This supports companies’ sustainability credentials.

The signage market has been transformed over the last few years, with cost being the most changeable variable. The cost of materials is still going up and import costs are increasing. This means that signage solutions produced for volume are more important than ever.  

At Unibox, we have invested in machinery and technology to allow us to produce various formats of LED signage quickly and cost effectively. These formats range from panel box signage with changeable graphics, to individual 3D letters, to neon replicas. This means that we can replicate a brand’s look and feel without restriction.

Read more about our range here https://unibox.co.uk/led-signage/.