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Puregym Sign up Kiosks

Puregym Sign up Kiosks

With a network of more than 240 gyms and a membership of over 1 million, PureGym is one of the largest and most widely recognised health club chains in the UK. Such rapid growth as a business is a testament to the commitment it has shown to its overall mission: making fitness “more affordable, convenient and flexible for everybody, everywhere”.

In 2017, seeking to build further on these successes by making its clubs even more user-friendly, PureGym decided to embark upon a nationwide modernisation project. Included in this effort was the plan to redesign the self-service registration kiosks that are used by the public in order to register as a member of PureGym.

The Marketing Team at PureGym stressed that the aesthetic of any replacement must be decidedly sleeker. They also specified that the new design needed to be cheaper to manufacture and quicker to install than the existing model. Ultimately, though, they were not prepared to make any compromises on the functionality of the kiosks themselves as they are an integral element both of PureGym’s business model and its customer experience.

Impressed with the similar solutions that Unibox had already developed when working with previous clients, PureGym knew that we were the perfect partners for the task ahead.

Design and Development

From the outset, we worked in close collaboration with PureGym to develop a solution that would meet their brief entirely, both functionally and aesthetically. After initial meetings, our design engineers integrated the features specified in our client’s brief into the assembly designs in order to ensure that the proposed solution would satisfy their every expectation.

Throughout the development process we built a number of prototypes, each with slight adaptations that meant the final design would be wholly suitable for a nationwide roll-out. For example, the addition of removable fascia panels allows PureGym to update any printed messages and logos to match changes in its branding. Moreover, in specifying a keyhole method of manufacture, we guaranteed that members of our client’s on-site team would be able to install the replacement panels with ease.

Production and Installation

At Unibox, we have the ability to manufacture a huge range of components meaning that, if off-the-shelf items aren’t suitable, we can overcome the obstacle in house. Additionally, this allows our clients to be directly involved with every stage of the design and production process.

Using these components, our Design Team developed a system, bespoke for PureGym, that would allow for even illumination without having to include a bulking unit. This means that PureGym can choose to replace the branded front panels without having to hire a qualified electrician to wire each unit safely back into a mains power supply.


We created a registration kiosk which enables PureGym to continue evolving. With the kiosk boasting a sleek, contemporary design and sacrificing nothing where functionality is concerned, they greatly enhance the overall customer experience enjoyed by members when visiting their local PureGym. Thanks to our commitment to collaboration and client-led designs, PureGym had the confidence to place an order for nearly 200 kiosks which needed to be installed at their health clubs across the UK. Additionally, such a close partnership enabled us to reduce costs for PureGym both at purchase of product and installation, whilst allowing for any future marketing modifications to be made at a similarly minimal rate.

Commenting on the benefits that have come as a result of installing Unibox’s kiosks, PureGym said:

“From the very beginning of this project, Unibox worked in close partnership with the team here at PureGym to develop a solution that would meet all of our requirements. Collaborating in this way meant that we were directly involved with the design process at every stage, leaving us feeling confident that the end product would look and function exactly as we had envisioned. Unibox, with their unrivalled knowledge of LED technology and specialist manufacturing methods, was able to meet the demands of a multi-site rollout without making any compromises on quality. We are thrilled to be able to report that, after installing Unibox’s registration kiosks at PureGym facilities across the country, our on-site sign-up figures doubled overnight. We are excited to continue working with Gabrielle and the rest of the Unibox team.” ​– Paul Kirwin, Marketing Director for PureGym (2012-2018)