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Superdry Manchester Concept Store Signage

Superdry Manchester Concept Store Signage

Superdry’s growth on the British high street continues, as we partner up for their new ‘Store of the Future’ concept, in the Manchester Arndale. 

Renowned for their contemporary retail design, Superdry looked to take advantage of our expertise in LED lighting & graphic displays to enhance the store, using lightboxes to highlight each of the several standalone displays in-store.


Initially, after being impressed by our stand at the Retail Design Expo, our team created concepts for SuperDry’s mock store, in preparation for the new designs’ launch.

Consulting on the effect illumination would have in store was key, and with SuperDry’s traditional aesthetic incorporating low-level lighting, specifying the correct LED Lighting setup was paramount to a successful environment. 

We tested various methods before finalising a customised extra bright LED specification, to maximise impact throughout the store, and also to ensure visibility of key store locations such as till points.


The next challenge was integrating our lightboxes into the fresh store plans, which included areas such as ‘The Cage’ – a new area launching Superdry Sport, and the new IDRIS collection.

The Cage was created using an exterior mesh panel system, with retail display systems and shelving mounted directly onto the mesh. We used a combination of custom finish shelving and mounts directly on the reverse of each lightbox to secure them in each position.

We then utilised our brand new Ledge 46 corner lightboxes throughout the store, most notably above the till unit & in the entrance to IDRIS’ new collection. A near-full store height lightbox wrapped around the concrete finish pillar, combining high visibility graphics with authentic design elements.

The Result

The result was an engaging store design, utilising lighting & graphic displays in key areas to provide a clear path throughout the store, highlighting new products and promotions.

Used in key areas, our Ledge 46 corner lightbox maximised the space Superdry had available, wrapping around pillars and important points in a customer journey, culminating in a huge ceiling hung lightbox, wrapping around all four sides of the till point area – which was combined with the latest fabric print technology, utilising UV treatments for fluorescent-style text and vivid graphics.

Finally, integrating lightboxes into each ‘Cage’ resulted in a more intimate shopping experience. Sheltered from the rest of the store (although still visible through the mesh panelling), a more concentrated promotion was created for SuperDry’s latest Sportswear, with tactically placed, small format LED Lightboxes highlighting new products and displays.