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Youth To The People Ceiling Lightboxes

Youth To The People Ceiling Lightboxes

Fueled by superfoods and driven by scientific expertise, California-based skincare company Youth To The People has launched its inaugural UK store at Spitalfields Market following its acquisition by L’Oréal.

The visionary team at Commonwealth Projects has conceived a concept for the UK store that embodies the brand’s commitment to sustainability in cosmetics, while emphasizing the use of natural ingredients combined with cutting-edge scientific advancements.

Concept render
Finished result
Concept render
Finished result

The store’s layout is intelligently divided into three distinct zones, strategically designed by Commonwealth to effectively communicate what sets YTTP apart in the market: the exceptional products, the groundbreaking science behind them, and the brand’s strong connection with its customers. Enhancing the impact of these zones and creating a captivating atmosphere, each area features an impressive 3000x3000mm ceiling lightbox.

The meticulous lighting designers at LPA have crafted a bespoke lighting scheme that highlights the merchandise in each zone, showcasing it in its best possible light. Unibox were able to provide a range of bespoke ceiling lightbox options as individual Eulumdat files specific to this project. LPA seamlessly integrated the lightboxes into their Relux scheme, ensuring perfect harmony with the overall lighting design.

All three lightboxes are equipped with Casambi control gear, enabling store staff to effortlessly adjust the ambience of each zone to suit various events and occasions.

The Cumberland Group, the principal fit-out contractor, has managed the entire project within an exceptionally tight timeframe. As a UK-based manufacturer located in Manchester, Unibox accommodated last-minute changes to the lightboxes, simplifying their installation process without compromising the delivery schedule.

Photo Credits @ Chris Carter

Image Source @ https://www.dazeddigital.com/beauty/gallery/32213/3/youth-to-the-people-london-store