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Sofa Source IMM Cologne Exhibition Stand

Sofa Source modular exhibition stand

Sofa Source design and manufacture furniture globally, for 20 different countries.  Unibox collaborated with Graphic House and Sofa Source to produce a striking large-scale modular exhibition stand that can be transported around the world to different exhibition venues. 

Sofa Source wanted a large exhibition stand to replace their old timber one, which was old, tired and challenging to transport.  The clients were looking for an alternative that could be adapted for different events, as well as being sustainable and environmentally friendly, so aluminum was the obvious choice of material.  Graphic House designed the stand based on the client’s brief and the limited storage space available within flight cases for easy transportation from Ireland, where Sofa Source are based, to Cologne for the exhibition. 

The vast stand is an entirely modular structure, with the longest part being only 3m long.  The stand is 4m tall at its highest and includes two large Flat-Pack Lightboxes at the rear of the stand. 

The Unibox team recommended Flat-Pack Lightboxes because they can be packed away easily, ready to be used again, and they take up less room than standard lightboxes.  The Unibox Flat-Pack Lightboxes used came in eight panels and were built on-site for convenience.

This exhibition is the first time that the stand has been displayed in full, using every part of the modular kit. Sofa Source previously used fewer parts to make a smaller stand for an exhibition in Paris.

It took only two and a half days to erect the stand and 6 hours to disassemble it and pack it away into for flight cases for easy transportation and subsequent storage prior to the next event.

The Unibox Team worked closely with us to bring the Sofa Source exhibition stand design to life, with a skilful use of modular construction system and Flat-Pack Lightboxes. This meant that the stand was straight-forward to assemble and quick to take down, but more importantly – completely reusable and transportable to different destinations around the globe.

Tom Sebastiano – Graphic House