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Creating ‘Instagrammable’ hospitality venues with memorable lighting

Creating ‘Instagrammable’ hospitality venues with memorable lighting

If bar or restaurant patrons are impressed by a venue as part of their overall experience, it encourages them to share photos and videos with their contacts. Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok play a crucial role in promoting a venue online. This type of publicity is a great opportunity for venues to boost their popularity and attract a wider audience, ultimately leading to more visits.

So, what is it that makes a bar or restaurant Instagram-worthy?

The Ivy Asia: illuminated flooring

The Ivy Asia is one of the most sophisticated and visually-exciting restaurants in the world. Its clients expect that their whole experience to be exquisite in every way, something which is realised in the iconic illuminated agate flooring installations that take pride of place within The Ivy Asia dining rooms.

We used our LED light panels to deliver homogenous illumination from beneath a sea of green agate tiles, which can be seen from every angle within the restaurant. Images posted online by patrons use the floor as a focal point, or even use the floor as an accessory to elevate selfies.

Image source // Johnny Stephens
Image source // Johnny Stephens
Image source // @_oliviamahan
Image source // @katemonroegroves
Image source // @lavie.de.kung
Source // @olivia.harriman
Image source // @alyx_barnett
Source // @olivia.harriman

The Ivy Reception

The Ivy is also home to a caramel onyx illuminated reception floor. Visible through large glass doors, the striking flooring creates curb appeal and enhances the overall aesthetic of the restaurant.

Image source // @lillywonderlust


The high-end Greek and Mediterranean restaurant Bacchanalia in London’s Mayfair, features the most extravagant décor. Unibox created an illuminated basin that would extend this luxurious environment from the main dining area, throughout the rest of the venue.

From selfies in the mirror, to showing off OOTDs in front of the sink, the bathroom isn’t part of the main restaurant yet it has become a must-see photo opportunity for influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

Image source // Johnny Stephens
Image source // @neexfer
Image source // @neveradulting_petra
Image source // @ashrella
Source // @sophiantostyles
Source // @yourdailytreats
Source // @shewa_jay

Scott’s Richmond

Unibox produced an illuminated bar top for high-end seafood restaurant, Scott’s Richmond, which creates talkability for the sophisticated venue.

We manufactured the bar top by integrating our LED light panels into different levels within the cast glass pieces. This gives a majestic glow in the background of any images and videos, even when it isn’t the main focus.

Image source // darcawards.com
Image source // @tarazadeh
Source // @m.h1895
Image source // @thecapitalbite

Flipper’s diner

Our large-scale neon sign for Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace brings the aesthetic of the iconic 1970s American roller rink to life at their new 34,000sq ft west London entertainment destination.

The iconic signage is a focal point of social posts, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Feature lighting for Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace
Image source // John Carey
Source // @housetomotive
Source // @yourdailytreats
Image source // @itssolena
Image source // @angeliquekuiper
Image source // @kadijackamara