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Privacy Screens

Privacy screens and partitions are an essential feature of modern office environments, as an increasing number of businesses are favouring open plan layouts to maximise the functionality and flexibility of the available space. 

Privacy screens and partitions provide an easy, low-commitment way of creating separate areas and acoustic dampening within an open plan workspace without needing to install permanent walls. 

We work in close partnership with interior design specialists to develop a wide range of standard, customisable and bespoke solutions for commercial environments. With over 30 years of experience in developing modular systems, we have the resources and abilities to create privacy screens that perform according to client-specific requirements. 

Ay Unibox, we have in-house experts on acoustics and aesthetics to ensure that our privacy screens are engineered to support your commercial goals.

Interested in our Privacy Screens? Get in touch with the team today on 0161 655 2100 or [email protected]


Partition screens are an efficient, ultra-flexible way of dividing large or open plan office into separate zones. They are available in a range of different heights, widths and material finishes to suit individual working requirements and can be supplied with castors to make it easy for users to move them whenever necessary.  


Curved screens are an excellent way of creating two or more separate areas with a single divider. Desks can be nestled neatly within curves of the screen to provide users with a private, distraction-free environment in which to work. Curved screens are available in a range of different heights, lengths and material finishes.

Multi - Sided

Multi-sided screens are ideal for instances in which privacy and productivity are of central importance. With desks being surrounded by three separate walls, separate cubicles can be created in busy open plan offices to provide dedicated spaces for phone calls, meetings, individual projects and more.


Protection Screens

Protection screens enable businesses to operate in ways that safeguard the health and wellbeing of both their employees and customers. By providing a physical barrier between individuals, protection screens serve to prevent the spread of germs and control the transmission of viruses.

We design and manufacture a wide range of protection screens to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements of our clients.

Using over 30 years of experience in working with modular systems, our team creates sleek, discreet protection screens that can be installed quickly and easily into interior environments of all types.

During 2020, our team supplied over 10,000 protection screens for businesses throughout the UK in both the public and private sectors. We worked alongside major brands including Pets At Home, McDonalds, Primark and the NHS.


Safe-Vu Fin screens are engineered to offer unparalleled levels of flexibility and durability. Using the AluGrip6 system of supports, along with laser-cut panels of acrylic (or glass) are connected together to create elegant protective screens that are ideal for use in reception areas, retail spaces, commercial interiors, cafes, fitness centres and more.


Safe-Vu Float screens combine specially-developed aluminium profiles with laser-cut panels of acrylic to construct a modular arrangement of protection screens that are straightforward to assemble and install. The use of slimline frames and transparent panels enables the creation of robust, visually-sleek screens that blend seamlessly with existing interior design schemes.


Safe-Vu Free screens are designed to offer a sleek, highly-flexible solution for environments of all types. They are built using lightweight yet impressively strong aluminium frames and are available both with and without castors to enable users to move them easily from place to place, or bring in and out of storage as required in these rapidly changing times.