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Caffè Concerto Window Lightboxes

Caffè Concerto Window Lightboxes

Unibox is appointed to design and manufacture window-style lightboxes for Caffè Concerto’s new Piccadilly restaurant.

Situated below street level, Caffè Concerto’s newest restaurant in central London had limited access to natural sunlight, an issue that the chain’s owners were keen to overcome prior to its grand opening. We worked alongside Tekne Shopfitting and Dover Design to create a series of window lightboxes that would replicate the look and feel of real windows and ensure that the space had the optimum light levels for its patrons.

Our team engineered a solution using Ledge 65 lightboxes, each of which was manufactured in the irregular shapes required to fit seamlessly into the contours of the restaurant’s stairwells and mezzanine level. The lightboxes were all built using LEDs that delivered light at a colour temperature of 4000K and boasted a colour rendering index (CRI) of >90. These LEDs were also colour-tuneable and dimmable using a DALI system to ensure that the interior atmosphere could be adjusted to suit the time of day.

The space has timeless, elegant decor and an intimate ambience.

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