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Hugo Boss Westgate Shopping Centre Retail Kiosk

Studio Able is a purposely-small creative agency, specialising in branding and commercial interior design. 

After contacting Unibox with a brief to create a multi-functional unit that was capable of holding a range of merchandise, from jewellery and small accessories, to clothing and footwear, we produced a kiosk that lived up the demands of a fashion-focused environment.

The project took advantage of both our products and manufacturing capabilities, with the iconic SOL modular system providing frameworks for product display, and custom lightboxes integrated  into showcases & cabinets.


Studio Able provided sketches of how they envisaged the kiosk looking within the recently-opened Westgate Shopping Centre. 

The sketches lent themselves perfectly to the SOL modular system, which is known for its slim gauge and matte black finish.

A notable feature was the inclusion of plinths with integrated screens – another concept we had experience with following our previous work with Sky, who required LED Lightboxes with interactive screens that didn’t interfere with the replaceable nature of the fabric. 

Custom Design

While SOL is a modular system with standard lengths and sizes, Studio Able worked with us to integrate custom elements throughout the kiosk design. 

To help Westgate produce unique displays for a range of retailers, we built tension fabric lightboxes into a central counter island. This made it incredibly easier for retailers to take ownership of the stand, with rebranding as simple as replacing a fabric graphic. 

With the choice of materials important to many high-end retailers, Studio Able put an emphasis on every display maintaining this luxury aesthetic. Using printed fabrics, we created marble and dark-grain wood effects on each LED Lightbox, alongside marble-effect infills for shelving and product display. 

The Result

We’re incredibly proud of what we achieved with Studio Able. Our collaboration was successful due to our shared values – intelligent design that adds value to retail environments. 

We look forward to seeing how Westgate’s tenants put the system to use in the future, with Hugo Boss certainly setting the bar high.

Learn more about our SOL system, retail showcases and LED Lightboxes on our Retail page.